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Bonus TVGUIDE ‘Getting Lost’ Video

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darltonTVGUIDE’s Matt Mitovich is back with the bonus episode of’ ‘Getting Lost’ he promised.

As reported before Cuse and Lindelof are letting the fans pick the name for the season finale’s OMG moment.

They have now narrowed it down to their top 13 names which will be further narrowed down during their weekly ABC Lost podcasts.

The finalists or semi-finalists as they are calling them are:

  • Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce
  • The Droids You’re Looking For
  • The Twinkie
  • The Zeigarnik
  • The Zombie Bake Sale
  • The Exploding Pretzel Jar
  • The Fifth Toe
  • The Form in the Outlet
  • The Hooded Leprechaun
  • Jack Gets Pregnant
  • The Joop
  • Smokey’s Dorm Room
  • The Spanish Inquisition

In this video Damon and Carlton reveal their No1 rejected name, and complete with spelling mistakes, it doesn’t disappoint!

Click the following link to watch the short video

Source : TVGUIDE

  • Lost Mom of Four

    Just PLEASE don’t let it be, “Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce”…Sounds like something I’ve seen before…only it wasn’t barbeque…