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Book em Danniel! JIN to star in Hawaii Five-O remake!

By nomaD,

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That’s right- Our beloved Jin will be reprising the role of Chin Ho Kelly in the upcoming remake.

Perhaps Kim wanted to stay in Hawaii close to his burger joint… The reboot will be brought to us by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci from Fringe Fame and also from CSI NY.
It is too soon to speculate on the show as the part of Detective Steve Mcgarret has not been cast as of yet… With all our castaways taking jobs on new shows it solidifies the reality of the end of LOST.

Whats worse is that none of these shows can really give us LOST fans what we’ve been obsessing over about LOST. Let’s hope Disney doesnt make a mockery out of the best show in TV history when LOST is over- and lets also hope we can watch our Lost actors play parts that wont disappoint simply because they aren’t on the Island…

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  • Good for Daniel! I got the impression from interviews that he would prefer to stay in Hawaii. Jesus, I would.

    Anyone else have this fear that Disney might drop a bombshell and say Lost is continuing, only with different characters?

  • Kevin im in the middle of putting a post together at my sit regarding Disney and what tey will do with Lost after the show ends… Obviously the fear is founded, the island is marketable it just isn’t interesting without OUR characters or moreover, the minds who have been creating the show… We will end up with a STAR WARS type tragedy in which books and cartoons and nonsense like that come out…. It will become a caricature of itself and all us fans from series 1 will try to reason with people how it USED to be awesome to blank stares…. And whats even worse is we will all have to watch because we are obsessed…

    That being said, if they turned Tom Sawyers island into a bad-ass LOST ride at Disney World i would live there!

    • What if Tom (the smoke monster since Tom is dead) and Sawyer are the only ones left on the island?
      Then Disney could do a cartoon spin-off of LOST and keep the attraction the way it is! 😉

      • you dont think that would ruin LOST?

        • It would completely ruin LOST!
          I state my worst fears as if they were fact, that way if they do come true at least I have the cool factor of predicting the future!

      • Major FX

        Hurley as Huck Finn?

    • I look forward to reading your post!

      I doubt LOST is as marketable as Star Wars in terms of merchandise, but I could see Disney trying to create a spin-off show. Even it had all new characters, I’d give it a shot if Darlton were involved. But they wouldn’t be, so I’d be extremely wary of anything else.

      I think the reason some of us are even worrying about this is because Darlton themselves have alluded to it being a possibility.

      • Its GONNA happen, they will make money off all the fans just trying it out

  • Major FX

    Daniel is, by far, my favorite character. I can identify because I spent so much of my Army enlistment in Korea. I can actually translate for my wife while watching LOST. Daniel will be great as Chin Ho, but I wonder in what direction this proposed reboot will go. Any guesses who will be cast as McGarret and (book ‘im) Danno? That would certainly give us a hint.