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Comic Con Video Madness – Tapdawg Delivers Darlton, Jensen – ALIVE!

By Tapdawg,

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As promised earlier, here are my videos of Damon, Carlton and Jeff Jensen in and outside of the Dharma booth…. enjoy!

In the first video, Carlton is in the booth… he was the first of the three to go and started convulsing halfway through, he explains why in the second video.

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This is Carlton right after he steps outside of the booth, you’ll notice he ‘passed’ and is given a card…. just like everyone else who has passed. The Dharma employee is this clip is Emma.

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Up next was Damon, he had a little more fun with his time in the booth because unlike Carlton, he knew he was being viewed from the outside. Enjoy!

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Here is Damon as he steps outside the booth and answers a question. He took the Io test just like Carlton did.

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In this last clip, Jeff Jensen aka Doc Jensen from EW has finished taking his test (Europa) and is told what to do with his ID card by Emma.

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  • maven

    Unbelievable work, Tapdawg! You sound so calm and collected, too! LOL

  • Hans

    Tapdawg, I too took the test and past! Do you know how many people passed and got Blue Dharma Initiative cards? The gave out aprox. 40 apts. on wed,
    120 on Fri. & Sat, and who knows tomorow (sun) = 300?

  • Sam

    In the second video the pattern on the dharma logo behind carlton could that be the same as the one on

  • Bill

    That Emma chick is pretty hot

  • Tapdawg

    How many got the card?

    Well I’d say roughly 450 people all together.

    Comic con was open 3 hours on Wed and 9.5 hours t/f/s and on sunday it was open for 7.5 hours. That comes out to 39 hours of testing. Roughly 11-12 tests (5 mins a test) an hour gets you 429-468 tests/cards.

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