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Contributors Wanted…

By docarzt,

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Hey folks.  We are looking for contributors to assist in keeping up with the wild rush of Lost news, Theories, Spoilers, and everything else “Lost.”  If you are interested in joining the team click on the contact button and give me a holler.  The types of content I’m looking for are:

  • Gathering reviews and news.
  • Publishing screen caps/easter egg materials.
  • Recappers.
  • Theorizers.
  • Whatever you want to do about Lost that is creative, original, and cool.
  • preztige2k6

    I can probably work on theories or more info behind the names of the lost characters and titles given to certain episodes. I believe names build alot of character in the show, just as Desmund Hume being a real philosopher who was inspired by a man named John Locke. Desmund Hume the philosopher was also Scottish. Also names such as Tabula Rusa “clean slate” gives alot of meaning of empiricism and just stuff like that. Let me know if ud like some help in that specific part of the area of LOST.