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Coverage: EW panel with Damon and Carlton

By Tapdawg,

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Hey guys, Tapdawg here!

The panel starts in 5 mins or so (1:45 pst) and Ill be updating this page whenever news is out regarding LOST.

Stay tuned!

Note: The information is being posted with a timestamp next to it to let you know when it was stated. Please remember that there are other shows being discussed in this panel and so there might not be too much information to be dealt out… but cross your fingers for good information.

Panel has now started, information is posted below:

:50 Two dharma woman entered and are sitting in the reserved section… interesting

:52 The panel enters!

:54 everyone has now been properly introduced

:56 Each producer talks about the writer’s strike and how it affected their show (ill post when D and C talk)

:00 (were asked why they needed an extra hour and what they cut) Carlton — they were sitiing in his office and and looking at the finale script and they couldn’t cut anyhing so they realized they needed two hours.

:01 Damon — we wanted to talk about the freighter folk bad had to cut them due to the strike, we will have their flashbacks next season but in a way that’s different and most likely better.

:03 Carlton – Lost isn’t just a show its a brand, hence why we needed the extra stuff like the ARGs so we can give the hardcore fans more mythology of the show

:05 Damon — mobisodes don’t break through to the masses, 12 million people watch Lost not the mobisodes. And then he cussed and someone pointed out that there are kids in here and he said well you guys are f*cked. haha

:08 Damon — when on the picket line we’d discuss what we would be doing on our own after the strike… but none of us did anything… However, Joss Whedon did follow through with his Dr. Horrible webisodes. Damon is very proud of his work and applauds his efforts.

:11 chuck shout out. Josh Schwartz talks about how chuck talked about LOST. They sent him cookies saying “if you give away anymore f our secrets we will kill you”

:12 The characters on LOST don’t ponder the sci-fi elements of the show because at its core, LOST is a character show. The show is like a cake… the characters are the bread part and the mythology is the icing. While the icing is nice you don’t want just the icing from the cake.

:15 Damon –people are thinking that genre is bad and it will alienate your audience, but the buzzing shows are the ones that are genre shows.

:17 Carlton– some things are best left unexplained because you strip them of their glory if you explain them away. It’s like the midichloreons on star wars.

:20 Damon — Watchmen was a big influence on his writing style. Especially the idea of flashbacks, etc. So comic books affected him in a positive way.

:25 Carlton — We were really sad to see mr. eko go, but Adewale was homesick and didn’t want to stay in Hawaii.

:28 Carlton — we wrote the new ARG with a company called hoodlum.

:29 Damon – we chose Bentham’s name due to his panopticon among other things.

:37 Damon – the flash Desmond had of Claire taking Aaron on the helicopter and Kate actually taking him are not contradicting themselves. They have a plan and although we might not see Claire for awhile, don’t think Desmond’s flash was incorrect.

:40 Carlton — he was asked a question about time-travel and if it would ever become old. He responded “We’ll tell you yesterday”. He says that their time-travel can not change the future. It’s something new that hasn’t been seen on TV.

:44 Carlton – the original mobisodes were going to be on cellphones so they were more intimate with only 1-3 characters. So the venue the show is being shown on effects the writing.

:46 LAST QUESTION Damon – was asked a question about the plan vs. on the spot. Up until the 3rd season it was a little of both, but now that they have an end date it is all planned out specifically. They know the questions and answers to the questions and are ready to focus down and finish the story.

:47 Jeff Jensen has one last question: favorite shows. Everyone says everyone elses show

The end
About the panel:

1:45-2:45 Entertainment Weekly‘s The Visionaries: Showrunners–
Carlton Cuse (Lost), Damon Lindelof (Lost), Josh Schwartz (Chuck, Gossip Girl), Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), and Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
are the television producers who are changing the face of television
with deeply immersive entertainments marked by distinctive, cutting
edge storytelling. They have also been at the forefront of bringing
“genre programming” or “cult TV” to the mainstream. Prepare for a
candid conversation about creative integrity in a commercial medium and
the future of broadcast TV in an increasingly digital world. Spoiler Alert! Upcoming plot developments may be teased. Moderated by Entertainment Weekly senior writer Jeff Jensen.
Room 6CDEF