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Cuse: The Season 4 Story Will be Told

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180px-CCuseheadshot2007-1.jpgCarlton Cuse spoke with Variety today with regards to what the future looks like for lost.  Here are his comments:

As for “Lost,” exec producer Carlton Cuse said he and fellow
showrunner Damon Lindelof would meet with ABC brass today to hammer out
the plan for the rest of the season. They won’t be able to finish the
remaining eight segs of the show’s planned 16-episode season — five is
a more likely number — but they will be able to craft a completed
storyline for the remainder of this season, Cuse said.

And whatever segs are not produced this season will be picked up down the road in the show’s remaining two seasons, Cuse said.

going to try to make as many as we can and do a good job of finishing
out this season,” he said. “We’ll have to compress some of the
storytelling we planned for this season, and that may not be a bad
thing. Damon and I feel like we know how we can finish it off and still
make it a really, really great story.”

So to reiterate what is said here:

  • Five episodes seems like a good number to hope for.
  • The season 4 ‘story’ will be told in its entirety.
  • ‘Left over’ episodes will be tacked onto upcoming seasons.

If I may make a suggestion… ahem… how about adding those extra episodes to the beginning of the two upcoming seasons, one apiece, and give us two hour premieres?  These hiatuses are hell boys.