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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on Jimmy

By docarzt,

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  • MrKong

    Cuse: “If you fall out of communion with the island, the island doesn’t like that…”


    I’m gonna flat-out ignore the biblical reading and shoot straight to the Whitley Streiber.

    Head for the hills, folks, or you’ll be up to your armpits in Martians!

  • Dr. Nope

    Immediatly when I heard Carlton say that I thought, “when has Jack EVER been in communion with the island?”
    I mean seriously, from day 1 he’s been all about getting the hell off the island. He consistently overlooks any sort of “presence” the island may have and ignores any thought of the Island being good place. So to that theory I say why the hell hasn’t Jack been sick for the past 3 months(island time).

  • forgiventhewarlord

    Dr. Nope: Maybe Jack hasn’t been sick the entire time because Jack is only just now actually Close to leaving.

  • Razan

    I thought it was funny that Kimmel said Eko was a good man. Few people on the show are entirely good or bad (Claire, Hurley, Desmond maybe as good?) but while Eko may have gotten his life turned around, he was distinctly a very bad man in his past.
    I’m curious what Locke means by ‘we’re going to see them’. We were lead to believe they were just going to Jacob’s cabin. How would they get back in time to see them anyway… interesting!

  • msdee

    First off Jimmy didnt know that ben was sick? That was a big chunk of Lost. it makes me doubt that he really is a real Lost fan.

    Second-I love terence howard but he annoyed the heck out of me on the show.Had he not interrupted so much we could have gotten a wee bit more info.

    Lost Communion – this leads me to believe what others are theorizing that jack had been on the island before the crash.

    Mixed emotions about the season finale- i am really dying to see it and at the same tie I know it willbe the end of the season and I will be sad;(

  • david

    I totally agree that Terrence Howard was being annoying. Unfortunately Jimmy is somewhat to blame for that by kind of inviting him into the conversation early on.

    I believe Jimmy really is the Lost fan he claims to be. There is a lot of stuff to keep straight and when he was saying nobody has gotten sick, he may have just been in the mindset of the castaways and not thinking about Ben.

  • The Constant Writer

    I thought Jimmy did a good job at trying to squeeze some answers out of those guys. I thought it was really funny how he pretended he was going to lock them in there at the beginning, until they gave them up. I also believe that Jimmy is a true lost fan. Its easy to forget details in a show as complex as Lost.