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Darlton Say Season 5 Is Sawyer’s Year

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Am I the only one who was completely astonished by the lack of a Sawyer flashback last season? It just didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem like LOST. Well, without giving anything away Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have gone on the record in saying that LOST season 5 will see a huge increase in our favorite con man’s screen presence.

sawyer“What we don’t want to do in season five is basically stand around sort of shifting from one foot to another waiting for the last season of the show,” says Cuse of the acclaimed ABC series that’s set to wrap in 2010. “Like it or not, we decided to take some chances this year and be bold in our storytelling and we’re willing to accept the consequences of that.”

As the story picks up again, Jack and Ben are trying to reunite the Oceanic 6 and return them to the island, with Locke’s body in tow, in a quest to save the remaining castaways. But it’s going to be tricky convincing everyone to cooperate. And since Ben moved the island at the end of last season’s finale, they’ll have to figure out where — and when — it went.

Expect a lot of interesting things to happen sooner rather than later. But “Lost” is a character-driven journey, too, so there’ll be plenty of focus on the romantic quadrangle of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet.

Speaking of sardonic hunk Sawyer, will he get the screen time he deserves? “We really feel it’s the year of Sawyer,” says Lindelof. “He’s really stepping up in a major way.”


  • SAM

    Where did they say this or are you just after some shipper traffic?

    • omfg

      God, read before you bitch. it’s the last thing in the article.

    • DudeLove

      Apparently you can’t read – Speaking of sardonic hunk Sawyer, will he get the screen time he deserves? “We really feel it’s the year of Sawyer,” says Lindelof. “He’s really stepping up in a major way.” – it’s in the big box with the outline

  • Tyler Cheman aka LOSTFAN716

    nice, Sawyer is my top favorite, i cant wait to see a possible Sawyer Episode 😉

  • James

    No flashbacks last year and only one very early on the year before. Juliet and Desmond have both had 3 episodes since Sawyer last had one.

    Yet it could be argued that The Brig was at least semi-Sawyer, since he dealt with Anthony Cooper.

  • mikhail79

    Great news. Sawyer is one of my faves, so is great to hear this.
    (Not soo good news concerning the triangle, quadrangle or whatever, ….).
    Now I only need that my other fave character, Locke, goes back to be Locke.

  • Vital10

    I’m stoked, I think Sawyer is the most interesting and complex character on the show. Josh Holloway plays the hell out of the character. Hopefully this time next year he will be accepting an award for Best Supporting Actor.

  • Amber

    I have really enjoyed watching the character development of Sawyer and it will be great watching that development come full circle in these last two seasons. Can’t wait for the 21st!

  • @mikhail79 amen about locke ! i want my johnny to be back too now 🙂 very glad for sawyer is my fav character (with locke) so i couldn’t more happy ^^

    • Marystat

      I’m right with you there Lyly, I’m VERY happy to read that it’s Sawyer’s year now. About time too! 😀

  • penny

    he was great in s4, sweet, taking care of claire, aaron, kate, even joining jack to get hugo back at the finale. he´s grown.
    we definitelly need to see more sawyer this season—

    pd: i wouldn´t like to see sawyer getting it on with juliet. he´s meant to be with kate. period.

    • Lucy

      I agree with you. Sawyer didn´t have a great deal of screen time, but had quality time.
      Anyway, I can hardly wait for his well-deserved year!
      Josh deserves it, too. He´s an amazing actor.

  • Paula Ramone

    They turned Sawyer into a redshirt last year for no good reason at all, so forgive me if I say I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • graham

    Glad to hear it.
    He is one of the characters (along with Locke, Ben, Desmond and Sayid) who I always enjoy watching.

  • TRoss

    WHOO HOO!!!