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Darlton To Rebecca Mader: We’re Nice Guys! Really!

By docarzt,

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Darlton have responded to Rebecca Mader’s oh-so-stereotypical red-headed outburst with a detailed mea culpa.  Proving themselves the most tech savvy show runners in the world Darlton responded on Michael Ausiello’s blog with the ‘real’ story of the birthday gaff, and will be recording a special “We’re sorry ‘Becca” edition of the Official Lost Podcast for release today.  See Rebecca, they aren’t doodie heads! (Pic from Long Live Locke).

Reached for comment this evening, D&C now concede that they got their facts wrong. “Rebecca is absolutely right and we apologize to both her and the entire fan community for screwing up the story,” the pair said in a joint email. “By way of explanation, here’s what happened:

There were a gazillion questions about the timeline discrepancy in that young Charlotte clearly exists in 1974, but wasn’t supposed to be born until 1979, per a single line of dialogue courtesy of Ben back in episode #402. When we inquired as to how this happened, the intel came back that we used Rebecca Mader’s birthday, July 2, 1979 because she was actually eight years YOUNGER than the character as originally conceived/scripted. We misremembered this as having come from Rebecca herself on the set, but in fact, it came several days earlier when our continuity expert Gregg Nations pointed it out and suggested using Rebecca’s actual birthday for Charlotte. And so, the mistake was OURS. Rebecca’s production draft DID have the date as being 1979.

Our first mistake was the timeline gaffe, but the much more significant one was wrapping Rebecca up in this when she had nothing to do with it. Not her fault on any level. It was our bad. One hundred percent. We will say as much in a very special “Eating Crow” edition of our Podcast tomorrow. Speaking of which, what a wonderful world we live in where we can make a comment in a Podcast that triggers a response on someone’s Facebook page and that triggers a mea culpa on someone else’s blog. Ah, technology.”

Source: The Ausiello Files


  • Dorkusbob

    I wonder if this is the first time this happened? If we could just go back and fix it…..

  • clueless1der

    Well good. Does this mean she might come back in some entity? LOL.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Excellent, can’t wait until the surprise podcast! Also, somehow, this week flew by and now we’re just 1 DAY TIL A NEW EPISODE!!

  • Your integrity is appreciated, Darlton!

  • felix

    Hmm, I wonder when their continuity expert Gregg Nations comes forward, complaining about the fact they blamed it on him now while he had nothing to do with it …

    • dolce

      I actually think they need a new continuity expert, this one seems to suck.

      • Yes, of course, after four entire seasons that he messed up completely, there’s no way they could hold him any longer. :p

        Seriously, I don’t think the majority of the casual viewers even noticed those age disparities (regarding the characters of Charlotte & Ethan).

        • dolce

          I don’t think there is a such thing as a casual viewer of this show at this point. There are approximately 11-12 million viewers a week that watch, and I would be willing to bet that none of them would consider themselves casual viewers. But I have to agree with you-most people would not notice. Only the obsessed. All 12 million of us.

  • mizunohane

    I take a little bit of issue with your demeaning her reaction as “oh-so-stereotypical”, as though it were something contrived and completely out of the blue. Rebecca’s anger is pretty understandable and would be characteristic of anyone. If you left a show you enjoyed working on and suddenly the producers turn around and start saying that you were difficult on set to cover up THEIR mistake, how do you think you would feel? Not only does their remark perpetrate a lie, but it also damages your reputation and hinders your ability to find work elsewhere. I’d be raging mad too, if it were me. I wouldn’t have to be a diva to get up that level of anger.

    • imfromthepast

      typical redhead comment.

      (I’m just kidding!)

      • dolce


    • docarzt

      Lighten up. I believe it is stereotypical as much as I believe Darlton are doodie heads. Truth be known, the whole situation is kind of foolish imho – but an interesting symptom of the new media world.

      • Willy

        “Darlton have responded to Rebecca Mader’s oh-so-stereotypical red-headed outburst”

        What is this? Perez Hilton?

      • KeepingAwake

        Doc, I like you and will take you at your word that you intended no insult to women, redheads, etc.

        But the remark of “oh so stereotypical redheaded outburst” is offensive to women, redheads and to Mader in particular. It wasn’t as clever as you may have intended it to be.

        The situation IS a bit foolish. Perhaps Mader could have handled it differently and privately. With you there. But you still made an offensive comment. 😉

  • Mimmi

    I’m glad they corrected their own error. They’re plenty capable to make gaffs all on their own with this time-tripping timeline! Makes me a bit worried about how much they actually did plan out in advance…

  • The Magician

    It would’ve been pretty easy for them to correct by saying Ben’s spy simply gave him the wrong birthdate. Now imagine this – if Ben’s off-island, intelligence-gathering spy was actually Gregg Nations all along? A tear would probably emerge in the fabric that separates fiction and reality, and fictious characters and humans would start vying for control of the universe. Ahh, good times.

  • Ambivalentman

    I think the question everyone is missing is how do we reconcile this with what we’ve seen on screen? Are we supposed to now assume Charlotte got her birthday wrong for whatever reason and that the little girl Daniel saw is indeed her in the past? This isn’t a minor mistake, like the obituary in “Through the Looking Glass.” This affects the timeline of the show.

  • Henry Holland

    There’s a simple way for those two to avoid these problems: STOP TALKING SO MUCH! Damn, I’ve never seen a show where the showrunners were such media whores as these two are.

  • Dave Thompson

    I hope they at least dub the right date of birth on the DVD (ultimate finished product)

  • Dave Thompson

    Oops didn’t realize Season 4 was already out… ok then the ultimate Blu-Ray DVD Set at the end…

  • Naina

    Lies, lies, lies. They wanted Kristen Bell for the role of a 34 year old? That character was never supposed to be more than 30, but they just can’t admit it. This event is not minor as many want to make it look like. If anything, it prouves 2 things: 1)they don’t plan everything in advance (and fans would be ok if they finnally were to admit it) but they are too proud and they think they’re too perfect to admit it; 2) They treat women in real life the way they treat them on Lost: they don’t respect them at all and they always make them look completly irrational and stupid.

    • Ambivalentman

      Ouch! While certainly things are planned in advance (I think the overall arc of the show since the end of season 3 is proof of that), it does not mean the show is micromanaged down to the last number way in advance. Mistakes happen, even to the best writers (Jack’s tattoo episode, anyone?). As it pertains to the treatment of women on the show, I think your opinion here is way off base. First of all, from the get-go Kate has been a unique take on the archetypal seductress. She is strong and courageous and hates being bossed around by men, yet still is drawn to them, despite her frustration at being so. Juliet is tough, clever, and a strong female. Sun may be the best example of how this show respects women. She came from a traditional patriarchal Korean family, and has a patriarchal husband. Yet, over the course of her story, she has slipped the binds of the role of submissive wife and become equals with her husband; in addition, she stuck it to her father by taking a controlling interest in Paik Industries. As a matter of fact, reflecting on the show’s history, the only female characters I can think of that fit your description are Shannon and John Locke’s mother.

      • Naina

        I’m not angry because they made a mistake because I don’t ask them to be perfect; on the contrary, I ask them to admit they are not perfect and they (not everybody else on the production but them) made a mistake when they created a character that had been born in 1979 but later they needed to be on the island earlier. They shouldn’t give us some ridiculous explanation like the one they made up blaming Rebecca or the one they are giving us now about somebody else making a mistake.
        Regarding the treatement of women on the show, I should have made it clear it was my personal opinion. We have never seen a woman be the leader in any situation: they always follow a male leader. Juliet could have lead her group because, as you have said it, she’s smart and strong; but no, it had to be Sawyer who is a con man who would hide other’s people medicine back in season one and we are now lead to believe he’s an intellectual and a perfectly rational man. Kate is completly irrational and selfcentered and people hate her so much that when the rumor spread about her dying this season, most of the people were very happy (not me, I don’t want them to kill any more women). Sun is my favorite and I recognise de progress we’ve seen whit her character but when they give her Jin’s ring, she became vulnerable and easy to manipulate again. And speaking of Rebecca, Charlotte was very interesting but they had to reduce her to nothing and kill her.
        Any character central to the story and the mythology of Lost is a male: John Locke, Jack, Ben, Alpert, Desmond, Christian, etc. The only ones who could be a little bit more important at this point are Ms Hawking and Claire, but neither of them are really central.
        Anyway, as I said, it is my personal opinion, so I understand people who do not agree, but I think they usually portray women as unidimensional, strictly emotional and secondary to men and to the whole story.

  • Hope she accepts the apology – and whatever else they may have “gifted” her (I suspect/suggest a basket of goodies).

    There was no discussion of what the word “is” means, so good for them taking responsibility. If they screwed up on the timeline, hey, shit happens when you’re writing. Probably never thought it out that far when she was conceived (her character, that is).

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    they’re good guys D&C….and i’m not upset about the mistake or anything at all because they were men and said they were sorry…and with all of what goes on with lost….sh*t….they’re bound to make a mistake or two….just correcting them is what is important to me..

    • Zonker

      They should fix this, in the same way they fixed Desmond’s picture of Penny. In the original broadcast of “Orientation,” Desmond picks up a photo of another person on his way out of the hatch. Upon re-running the episode they replaced the original picture with a picture of Sonia, the actress they wound up casting as Penny in the season 2 finale.

  • BlowupChurch

    I agree about the Perez comment- Doc, you’re sounding a bit bitchy there. Mader should be allowed to defend her professionalism.

    ‘oh so typical red-headed outburst’?!

    Pretty low, Doc. I’m off to Dark.

    • docarzt

      Haha, well be careful… they may use humor over there once in a while too… be sure to wear your headgear. On the other side of the argument, I can’t help but think how ironic it is that the guy calling me out on what is clearly a joke is named “blowupchurch.”

      In case anybody else is missing the obvious sarcasm… it is sarcasm. I think the whole situation is ridiculous. But how dare you for defend redheads before chastising me for calling darlton doodie heads.

      • dolce

        How dare you call D&C doodie heads!I’m going over to Dark so I can be bored out of my mind!

  • BlowupChurch

    I’m a girl, not a guy.

    And I think you’re overreacting to the fact that I dared to find your ‘sarcasm’ offensive. Grow up Doc. ‘Sarcasm’, where I come from, is bit more mature than this. At least Dark discourages this kind of bullying on his forum. Over here, you’re the ringleader.

    And my name is a reference to inflatable churches used in Italy to get beach-goers to go to confessional.

    • Dan

      You’re not being rational at all.

      • Dan

        …and I mean that in the least disrespectful way possible. But really, he was joking.

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