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Game Start Date Announced….

By docarzt,

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(Click the image for the full e-mail).  Well, it looks like the game is still playing tease and deny.  Hans e-mailed us this morning to let us know to visit to get the start date.  For most people, all you will see is a blank screen.  I’m assuming this is just server overload..

If any of you are able to get through, contact me.  In the mean time… the anticipation!

  • the date is….


  • MrKong

    Yeah, it says the 19th.

  • MissingMe

    hmm. It’s the 19th… and no change.


  • midgetsaspets

    It IS the 19th…at 6pm…and STILL I wait…

    All the makings of a stroke session, with none of the pleasure….

  • Shannon

    Type in, think there’s anything there?

  • Jennifer

    I’m getting a blank light blue screen. Please, any help is very much appreciated.

  • Faith

    The server died because too many people are accessing it.