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Hoodlum Apparently Has a Severely Frozen Donkey Wheel

By docarzt,

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whenever.jpgRemember how we were all wondering how they would make the new ARG last until season 5?  Is anybody still wondering how? 

It’s been over a week and there has been no change on the site.  I’m a bit miffed about it.  Not because it seems like we’re not getting something we were promised, but maybe – just maybe – this means that our expectations of weekly updates was far too optimistic.

Hopefully this is some kind of a technical glitch and not a sign that the game will progress, initially at least, in ten day intervals or something.  If nothing else, the fact that we are conditioned to enjoy the show on a weekly basis would make anything other than weekly updates incompatible with our clockwork.

  • The site is very slow loading and very glitchy… half assed I would say. that whole waiting for the logo to shift everytime we click something is really annoying. This site needs a major overhaul

  • Hmm. I’ve not had a problem with slow loading or glitchy-ness at all… But waiting for an update is a PITA.

    but… they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder or some other useless crap like that. 🙂

  • deneph

    We are used to watching the show weekly but we’re also used to waiting ungodly amounts of time before the show starts.

  • The Mantis

    The site loads fine for me too, no glitches either, Anthony… I think your computer needs the overhaul sir. Guys, please don’t start bitchin.. Would you honestly rather have weekly updates that are forced and lame? I’m sure they’re planning something awesome as usual, let’s try patience?? I’m just sayin…

  • Steve Weiss

    Well, what do you expect from a non-profite’s website. Dharma can’t afford to pay good salaried to web developers.

  • mgrah

    Wasn’t FIND815 updates always in the afternoon. Just because we haven’t seen a update EXACTLY 24 hours we shouldn’t fuss.

  • Find 815 ended just before the Season 4 premiere and was fairly evenly spaced out.

    In the Dharma booth at Comicon they had 8 tests named after 8 moons of Jupiter (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Amalthea, Himalia, Elara, Leda.)

    Perhaps these are the 8 tests that will be spread out evenly on the site between now and the premiere, which roughly works out to 1 every 3ish weeks 🙁

  • There’s more to the game then just these tests… from what I can tell the test online is a combination of various questions from the different tests. I think they might have 4-8 tests all together… either doing one a week or one every other week. After that I think the next phase of the game will start up.

  • DocArzt

    Well… I would expect at some point a rival corp is going to try to put the screws to the Dharma reconstitution, then the game really begins… if it turns out just being a bunch of quirky tests the flaming will commence hard core.

  • Agreed, Doc. I know I would be sorely disappointed. Find815 was a lot of fun but I was VERY sorry I missed out on the Lost Experience. I was hoping this ARG would make up for what I missed.

  • Ms Dee

    How often does everyone check?

  • justin

    too often!

  • Dolce

    Just to be clear…has anything at all started with this game other than registration and the “coming soon” page at DWY? Someone please reply, I don’t want to be left behind. Thanks.

  • lostfanboy16

    It won’t let me sign in anymore.

  • justin

    I just logged in fine, nothing happened though….. 🙁

  • Dolce


  • technoprep

    How did they not anticipate 800,000 Dharma Volunteers?!?!?

  • oneiros1984

    erm.. quick question, maybe i was to eager in the start, but when did the buttons on the page after you log in (“my progress, leader board, etc”) stat moving around the dharma logo?

  • just updated, still no action though…maybe something happens today?!!!

  • MsDee

    just checked….nothin’

    woo hoo this is a lot of fun….not

  • justin

    No update yet but LBDG from darkufo found this spoiler, its an email Dharma will send out apparently on Friday:

  • Marc K

    Damn I miss Persephone… Three cheers for Rachel? Hot stuff!

  • It is true it works better to take it for a 3 week period then a break for a week or 2. ,