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LOST ARG – Movement At DharmaWantsYou

By docarzt,

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A little late to the change so bare with me for a sec.   Reader Sara submitted some screen caps from earlier this morning which show some disturbances on the DharmaWantsYou site.  Click the thumbnails for full size pics.





Before we get too excited about the seemingly nonsensical nature of the letter arrangements (they are not anagrams as far as anyone can tell), think about the ‘static’ like distortion in some of the pics.  An indication that a video clip maybe trying to break through?

A commenter on DarkUFO named Matthew snooped in the source code and found the following snippet:

_loc_2 = [“I”, “A”, “M”, “O”, “N”, “T”, “H”, “E”, “I”, “N”, “S”, “I”, “D”, “E”];

Shades of the good old Persephone days, right?   Could this be Dan Bronson breaking on through?  Is Dan even the primary protagonist of the story?  More info as it comes along.

Update: Here is the logo with all of the static images and unscrambled text!