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LOST – OGR Letter Arrives, Source Ribs Hans

By docarzt,

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The e-mail a lot of us knew was coming has arrived, and a quick look through the source reveals that our good buddy Dan is, indeed, on the inside:

<META content=3D”MSHTML 6.00.6000.16674″ name=3DGENERATOR></HEAD>
<BODY style=3D”PADDING-RIGHT: 0px! important; PADDING-LEFT: 0px! =
important; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px! important; MARGIN: 0px; WIDTH: 100%! =
important; PADDING-TOP: 0px! important; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #819fc3! =
important” align=3Dcenter><META content=3D”Good luck my old friend Hans” =
name=3DAlert><!– Good luck my old friend Hans –>

This could be an indication that there is even more to be found within the e-mail, but a cursory look at the source doesn’t reveal anything other than “Good luck my old friend Hans.”  Seems like Dan is a determined little hacker.

  • Crazy Bearded Jack

    “Good luck my old friend Hans” or “Good luck my old friend (Alvar) Hans(o)?

  • jeffv

    I like the minor change from the leaked version:
    “Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication there was also the unauthorized release of confidential video…”

  • DocArzt

    Keeping it in game… LOVE IT!

  • TeL (Lauren)

    I’m speculating that what we have is a new ally. In Hans letter he outed Dan Bronson and kiscked him out of OGR and DI. The message in the source code is taunting Hans about the tightening of security nad refers to him as an old friend. So could we possibly have someone DEEP with inside who is going to help us? Just a thought.

  • New password protected e-mail:

    Seems that we are going to get another email soon…

  • Sarah

    Has anyone tried to anagram this yet? The letters are all fairly common and the way its worded makes me think there is another message hidden in there.

  • Hopefully they keep this game moving from here on in.

  • wonderz

    a question- how do you actually go about reading source code, and can it be done from a browser? i read gmail on firefox on a mac, an i look at the page source, and in the e-mail i received, it is definitely NOT in there.

    is it my browser? am i doing it wrong? or do i have a different e-mail?


  • Laura

    wonderz, I use IE7, and right-clicking on your email text and choosing View menu, then Source, works for emails for me. Then again, I use Gmail. I wonder if it would work from an email program instead of an online email account? Maybe it has to be an online account?

    I have a question about the source code of the last email. Is there any significance to the many many times !important appears throughout the code? It really stands out, but I don’t know much about web site creation beyond html. Is ! indicative of a comment instead of a command, or is it the beginning of a command? If it is a comment, there might be some significance to the huge number of time !important appears.

  • Justin

    I usually click to see the email in a web browser, then go to the view menu and click view source.

  • wonderz

    huh. essentially i did those things: in firefox on a mac you click “view” in the drop-down menu, and page source. i was using gmail in the firefox browser. it is definitely not in there. i searched the text.

    so is it something to do with my configuration, or are only some of the e-mails sent out encoded?

  • wonderz

    ok. solution, for anyone else who comes across this problem in the future.

    if you want to be sure that you are able to read everything in the source code, you can click the link at the bottom of dharma messages that says “If you can’t view the images in this email please click here.” This brings you to a separate page off the main dharma site, that will show you the complete source code.

    and now i see it.

    so. is it good luck my old friend *signed* hans? or is it good luck *to* my old friend hans?