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Octagon Global Recruiting – Dharma’s Mysterious Dots (The Tangram Tango?)

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It has been a while since the mysterious dots were discovered on the “” site, and there has been a lot of speculation as to what they might be symbolizing.  A Dharma logo was the first guess, but that would seem a waste of time… wouldn’t it?  How surprising would it be to hide a Dharma logo on a Dharma website?  Not very, right?   Could it just be a not-so-serious diversion?


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To recap:  the front page of “” is a jpg file.  It started as 1.jpg, and is currently at 5.jpg.  Each new version has revealed new dots.  The picture above is all of the images and dots combined.

I did a little ‘connect the dots’ job on the image and drew a straight line across any group of dots that were arranged in a straight trajectory.   As you can see,  the result is a bit like a Dharma logo, but not quite.  Could the dots mean something else?  Keep your eyes peeled right here for more solutions and possibilities.

The following image is from and was created by a reader there named Savas.  It is the only logical arrangement of the dots so far:


Besides the complete lack of triangles, most of the shapes reveal those found in the Chinese puzzle known as “Tangram“.  A real tangram would contain fewer parts.  Also, the shames to the right, middle between top and bottom, would be a combination of two shapes from the Tangram.  Could it be several Tangrams?  It would not be unlike the LOST folks to delve into Eastern traditions to find a bit of brain candy.


(A Tangram shape puzzle)