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Octagon Global Recruiting – The Fourth Wall Cracketh (slightly)

By docarzt,

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So, it appears that the Octagon Global Recruiting business IS indeed the kick-off to a larger ARG, and that word comes officially from ABC.  On, ABC had this to say:

“Michael Benson, exec VP of ABC Marketing, says the campaign is aimed at
keeping current fans interested until the show’s February return, and
to catch the eye of people who hadn’t watched before. “We were trying
to play it like it was real and not break that fourth wall,” Benson

That would be a ~7 month ARG.  A huge leap forward from the Find 815 build up for season 4 of LOST. 

  • Nickb123

    I love how ABC do indeed dispense with the mystique when it suits. They did it routinely during TLE, posting about the DJ Dan live broadcasts, etc.

  • Adam

    Having a link to the book you wrote on EVERY SINGLE post is both annoying and arrogant.

  • Hey, Adam, you have to understand — if nothing else, being a writer is about shameless self-promotion and whoring yourself out to anyone who’ll take you. I bet everyone who worked on Lost can attest to that.

  • 7 months could make the ARG extremely SLOW if they haven’t planned on it being that long. A 3 month glyph hunt is not what I am after.

  • Ms. O’

    HEY Nick! Good to see ya!!!! Looks like I’ll be in your neck of the woods come Sept/Oct! I’ll be visitin YOUR island!