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OGR – The Ho Hos Have Come Back For an Encore

By JOpinionated,

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The Ho Hos from the beginning of season 4 are at it again, this time hidden in the new and improved Dharma Initiative logo.  MILOCAMPO has pointed out that the letters H and O opposite from each other in this shiny new emblem. (Image Source:

HO appeared a few times in the first episode of season four “The Beginning of the End.”  The letters were shown when Charlie appeared to Hurley in the gas station (he was standing next to a rack of Ho Hos), H and O was all that Jack and Hurley went to in their game of Horse, and the elemental symbol for Ho was a sculpture at the mental institution.

From Doc’s article a few months back:

Originally dubbed “Element X” by Jacques Soret and Marc Delafonatine,
who discovered it, Holmium (chemical symbal HO) is said to possess “the
highest magnetic moment (10.6µB) of any naturally-occurring element and possesses other unusual magnetic properties.”

…H is the 8th letter in the alphabet and – you guessed it – O is 15!  HO=815!

Is this all just pointing to something grand or is it just a coincidence?