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Problem with the OGR booth

By Tapdawg,

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Hey guys! Tapdawg here. As we know from the secret message in the email from before, there is a bluetooth connection found at the Dharma Initiative booth. Well the connection can be found at the booth, but everyone is having difficulties connecting to the bluetooth device. From what I could tell, most people were asked for a passcode. When I asked the ladies at the booth what the passcode was they did not know and said that we needed to turn off the security settings on our phones. I came back a few minutes later with my laptop to discover that it’s not security settings at all, but rather the bluetooth connection was not configured properly. I left in the afternoon today so I was unable to find out if the problem was fixed; however, I told the Dharma employees about it and they said they’d fix it tonight. So if you were able to connect to the bluetooth connection let me know in the comments below, otherwise I’ll check again tomorrow to see if they fixed the connection.

  • Jherrington

    I worked in the cell phone industry for about 12 years up until recently. Bluetooth works on a pairing system and all need to verify a security code to work. All that I have come across are always defaulted to 0000. I would give that a try first.

  • Tapdawg

    Thanks for the heads up, Jherrington. When I tried to do pairing with my laptop to the signal I could get the numbers to input into their bluetooth item, but when i clicked next it would say that their item was not set up to be paired.

    I do remember asking someone to input 1111 1234 and 0000 for the passcode and I believe they said none of those worked… so I’ll try again today and let you know.


  • Though typically 4 digits when connecting to a headset, a bluetooth password between two devices can actually be between 4 and 16 characters. Probably obvious, but have you tried a certain 10 digit passkey?:


  • tapdawg

    Update: they have told me that the Bluetooth wasn’t working yesterday, but should be today. However, Noone can see the connection now. Yesterday we could see it but not connect. They say they can see our devices on their computer though, does anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks ahead of time.


  • They might need to set the bluetooth to “visible” or “discoverable” on their computer under bluetooth settings.

    On a Mac it’s in the system settings or the top right bluetooth menubar item; on Windows XP you can right click on the bluetooth tray icon. Not sure if Vista is different…

  • natasi

    If there is a security code…perhaps 3529?

  • Chris at the Dharma Dummies

    Tapdawg, try 0332, remember March has 32 days!