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Stalls, Crashes, Cheating — All For Free!

By docarzt,

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Another test starts, another cheat is embedded, and another server crashes.  The leaderboard is a study in multi-level-marketing, and there is no narrative.  The games don’t even evoke the ‘flavor’ of LOST.  On the other hand, it’s free.

I’m still giving the game a chance, even though I can’t play it at the moment because the site is down, but come on guys… the counter argument to those who are legitimately, and with good reason, frustrated by the game – that it is ‘free’ so we shouldn’t complain – is inane, and I’m getting a bit tired of hearing it.

Personally, I find the rationale that we shouldn’t complain because the game is free to be a bit sycophantic.  It’s tantamount to saying “Hey Hoodlum/ABC, watch me school these fools for you.  I’m your friend.  Send me game spoilers.  Please.”  Not to say if you honestly feel that way there is anything wrong with it, but as suspicious as I am — I question motives.  It is, though, a flower-child like haze of acceptance and tolerance that Dharma’s true hippy roots would be proud of.  There’s nothing wrong with sucking, man, at least it’s freeeeeeee. [Insert bong gurgeling sound here.]

Since when does the cost of something make it immune to sucking?   If I rent a movie for a dollar, can it only suck a twentieth as much as one I bought for twenty?  The logic doesn’t work for me. 

On that, how about another rant.  Yeah, the game blows… and here is why…

First, is the obvious.  There was no preparation for the volume of traffic, which is really kind of inexcusable since this is the third go-round.

Second, is the tone of the game.  The pastel blue ‘alternate’ reality Dharma’s soft tones are no match for what could have been a Room 23-esque parade of surreal and bizarre thought experiments.   Instead, the tests are softball brain-teasers that seem to be injecting a moral dilemma, do you cheat or not?

Third, there is no story.  Maybe there is one, and I’ll tip my hat on a bit of a spoiler here… I’ve been told by someone who has had a role in both of the previous ARG’s that the real action won’t start for months… that is – as it says, in so many words – merely a massive recruitment effort – not for the Dharma initiative, but for the game to come.  Other sources say: no, this is it.

The ‘in name only’ Dharma 2.0 lacks a specific LOST flavored motivator.  Sure, there may be one six tests from now, but by then will anybody care?  In the meantime, to be passive enablers of crappy planning by continuing to rationalize it is a bit… tacky.  Just because something is free doesn’t mean it can’t suck.