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The Game is Ending, Long Live the Game

By docarzt,

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It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the new ARG’s plodding introductory phase, but hey — it’s almost over!

Our good buddy Hans sent around a note today that gives October 7th as the end of the Dharma recruitment efforts.  Maybe now, finally, a real game will begin.

There is no doubt that the ‘end’ of the recruitment is just the beginning of the next phase.  the question is, what’s next?  Will it be a Dharma ‘work’ simulator over-flowing with opportunities to cheat your way onto the leader boards?   Or is a true narrative about to be unleashed that we can really sink our teeth into?

Will Dan Bronson return?  Or will we see a familiar face?  Shouldn’t the Lost gang revisit Rachel Blake one last time before the season ends?  What are your thought?

  • Thierry

    Played the 5th game today. Got a 100% score (okay, had a calculator ready for two harder ones…)

    Still wondering where this will take us and what ‘Black Swan’ wants us to know.

    And even though the games suck so far, I do believe that it will all be forgiven ones the true nature of this ARG is revealed.

    You have to agree with me that the graphics look rather stylish and this is probably done to create a larger contrast with the rawness of the other side of the game once it’s there. We are shown the dull and calm nature of Dharma that will be hopefully blown away by ‘Black Swan’.

    I see it as ‘The Island’ (you know, the one with Scarlett…). A nice facade to hide the truth…

    Greetz from Holland!

  • Thierry

    Hmmm ones:once… (duh…)

  • DocArzt

    I do agree with you. I think eventually it will be awesome. I just think it was a real risk dragging this ‘phase’ out for so long. I’d be willing to bet it is all wasted time in the end. But then again, what better to waste our time on…

  • Dee

    Um, I’m trying to read about the donkey wheel clue but keep getting the letter link.

  • Dee

    This was supposed to be the donkey wheel clue but it’s not. What’s the donkey wheel clue?

  • jim

    i thought it was suppsed to be 8 tests? thats why we were not half way through at test 3? did they skip a few to satisfy the people not so happy with how things were going?

  • Did anyone notice on the video a wee square that kept flashing (possibly morse code) in the bottom right hand corner?

  • dr mum

    Even rabid lostheads are sensing a malaise even ennui, in the recruitment department.

  • mtnorsea

    i wish they would do more “missing pieces”. why don’t they, dya think?

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