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The OGR site is now live!

By Tapdawg,

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Check it out:

Note to Comic-Con attendees who have an ID card: It appears you currently can only take the test when it asks you too after you enter your code. If you choose to register and not take the test, you can not take the test. Once again, if you have an id number from Comic Con, enter your id number and take the test immediately, do not register until after taking the test.

  • nicolas

    does not work for me yet…

  • CerberusVenting

    It still isn’t working for me either, hopefully they will fix this tonite, since we have been waiting all day

  • Tapdawg

    I’d suggest just keep refreshing the site. With the number of people logging on it’s just taking long to load. After about 10 refreshes it worked for me. Good luck!

  • Colonel Corn

    The flash video is titled wife 2_3 Don’t know what that could mean, but the number 23 is there.

  • bcs7583

    Just got the email announcing that the site is live. Again there is stuff hidden in the code of the web version.


    As a URL it takes you to the Comic-con hacked video:

    There are also a couple instances of “Banks Claw”. Not sure what that means…alias of our spy maybe?

  • Brazailian Guy

    “Banks Claw” is an anagram for “Black Swan”, does this mean anything?

    -sorry for my bad english btw