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Update: The Jupiter Connection

By Tapdawg,

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As you might remember from before, I speculated that there’s something about Jupiter.

We know have the entire list from the test screen:

Io (Labeled I = 1)
Europa (Labeled II = 2)
Ganymede (Labeled III = 3)
Callisto (Labeled IV = 4)
Amalthea (Labeled V = 5)
Himalia (Labeled VI = 6)
Elara (Labeled VII = 7)
Leda (Labeled XIII = 13)

Well it turns out that the tests were labeled in order… all except the last one, it is in fact the 13th (XVIII) moon of Jupiter.

Speculations? Questions… post below!

  • Thunderstorm

    There is an entry on the theory page at Lostpedia for the episode The Economist. The entry says “The Island ‘Jupiter'” and I don’t understand the context of the theory itself but if someone here could figure it out, maybe it’s a decent idea? Or ask whomever posted it. I don’t know how to go about such things.

    Also, in digging up info last night:

    Joop, the 100 year old orangutan from TLE is thought to have been named after Jupiter via a character from the Jules Verne novel ‘The Mysterious Island’. That book has tons of LOST nods.

    Jules Verne also has two other works that deal with Jupiter, the planet or it’s moons. You can find these by going to wikipedia and searching for Jupiter in Fiction or Jupiter’s moons in Fiction. I read both articles and that was as good as I could come up with. Another set of eyes might help.

    Outside of this, and the Laplace Demon link (from the previous Jupiter post here at DocArzt)I don’t know what to think.

    I’ll say this much, I think the new Dharma logo is the key to figuring out where the Island moved. I’ve been working on an Island movement theory since the season finale but I am hoping the Octagon ARG gives me more clues to make more sense of it. If ‘Jupiter’ is a clue in some astrological sense , then I think further, it could be a key to mapping some co-ordinate.

    Remember Find815 was the ‘walk-up’ to Season 4 in the sense of finding the wreckage. What if ‘The Project’ is the walk up to Season 5 in the sense of finding the Island, again?

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