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Dharma Writer’s Room Reveals

By AstroJones,

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A new Dharma Special Access video was released today to those who participated in the ARG this summer (and fall), with some interesting and fun things in the video.  I’ll go ahead and kill the suspence now, there aren’t any spoilers in this video pertaining to season 5, its simply a nice little trip into the Lost Writer’s room.  The first thing that we learned upon their entrance into Building 23 was to never feed Carlton any of the Dharma Chili (“Talk about a rip in the space-time continuum.”).  Next we get to see the Twilight Zone pinball machine which Damon has the high score on, and to defeat him would mean their demise on the show.  So as a great droid once said, “Let the wookie win.”

Finally we get to the writers room.  This entire little scene is fun, but the best part is illustrated in the images below.  When introducing the new writer, Paul Zbyszewski, if you look closely, you’ll notice a copy of Doc’s book, Lost Ate My Life, sitting right there on the table.  Now, I have no doubts that some of you will say “I don’t see it,” or “Doesn’t look like Doc’s book to me,” or whatever, but look closely, because that’s it!  So don’t be a hater, just give Doc the congrats he deserves.

In the first image, if you compare closely with the book image I posted below it, you’ll distinctly see the blue at the bottom and the palm tree leaves at the top.  How cool is that, our very own Doc getting some respect on a Lost video.  Congrats Doc, I’m sure they enjoyed the book as much as I did (and maybe more!).  Perhaps this is the manual that all new writers are forced to read before being allowed to write a script for the show.  🙂

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If you’d like to watch the video for yourself, I’ve included it below.  So take a look at the Dharma Special Access video for yourself.  Only 16 more days!

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