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Did ABC rip off ‘The Fine Bros’?

By nato64,

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A story on bought this to my attention. ABC’s ‘Lost Untangled’ seems to almost be a direct rip off of videos a comedy group called ‘The Fine Bros’ do. Their Lost parody is done with action figures and intentionally bad voices, exactly like Lost Untangled. Only, they’ve been doing it since the start of Season 4. Judge for yourself.

  • brent

    ohhhh… wow. I actually thought it was the same guys. Uh oh.

  • b

    I thought those guys were doing “Lost Untangled” as well…

  • Markus

    And – at least in my opinion – “The Fine Bros.” are better. For example, their Locke sounds really almost like TOQ himself.

  • rick

    total rip off .. seen it and was like .. where have i seen it before

  • imfromthepast

    ABC clearly did not rip off The Fine Bros. If they had the LOST Untangled spot would have been funny.

  • Hipster Doofus

    Maybe they payed them for it…

  • Brent K

    what about robot chicken

  • talkingwires

    “You have entered the wrong captcha phrase…” If you’re going to use a captcha program on your website, at least do some good in world and use ReCaptcha. If nothing else, you can actually read the damn thing! That said……

    Jeez, I wouldn’t want to be the judge if this ever went to trial.

    Sure, ABC owns the intellectual rights for the characters and story, and sure, action figure parodies have been dozens of times before. But the timing of their “Lost Untangled” bits really reeks. The memo others have pointed out certainly doesn’t help their credibility any. But at this point in the show, would action figure spoofs really get any potential new fan up to speed on what’s happened the past four years? I don’t think so. I would have to believe ABC ripped them off, but would still win because they’re the ones spending millions of dollars to produce each episode the Fine Brothers are potentially profiteering from.

    That said, neither one is particularly clever, but at least the Fine Brothers’ clips are sorta funny, in a lame way.

  • imfromthepast

    I am officially coining a phrase to describe this sort of thing.

    “Mickey Raped”

    Mickey Raped is Copyright and Trademarked 2009 by James Boudreaux II.
    All Rights Reserved.