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Doc Got PWND!

By docarzt,

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While I sweat the night out hoping the “alternate endings” to be shown tomorrow on “Good Morning America” explain the gaff, I do want to clear one thing:  running the Locke is not in the coffin piece was NOT an attempt to de-spoil.  I had excellent information from a source everyone would recognize immediately (but who I will not bring into the halo of my embarrassment) who insisted that the information was incorrect.   Obviously, I was wrong.

As for those demanding I apologize to LF108 for calling him an asshat.  No way.  I still maintain ruining the episode by revealing the major twists is the largest of the two improprieties.  I was merely victim to bad info, which happens to everyone in this biz.  He knew exactly what he was doing.

But for sure, there is no scheme of despoiling, or trying to steer people off track.  That would have been a short lived and ineffective maneuver.  Clearly I bought the info and expected that piece to resonate for a while.  Instead… I’m PWND!

  • mike

    Don’t sweat it, Doc. The episode didn’t rest on that final shot. I dug it all. Not the best episode ever, but one hell of a way to go out for this season.

    I’m at a more loss as to what will happen next season than I was last year.

    What an episode!

  • MerlboroMan

    Last years finally gave me “I can’t wait to see how this plays out” kind of feeling, where as this finale gave me a “wha-huh?!” kind of feeling.

    As for who had the info and who didn’t…

    I can’t think of anything to type because I just don’t care. Don’t sweat it Doc.

  • Hey bonehead – If you keep complaining about LF108 he might not toss us any bones next season. If you don’t want spoilers then don’t read them or look for them. Simple as that. Now don’t ruin it for us who enjoy and look forward to them.

  • The Lost Ninja

    Hey Doc,
    I wouldn’t worry about it too much, m’man – you weren’t the only one fed information that ended up not being the case! /grr

  • Oh come on.

    A simple “I had wrong info”. You’ve been having wrong info for so long. So far, all I can see is darkufo and lostfan both are a miles ahead from what you’ve been offering so far.

    And you have the audacity (sp?) to ask for donations?

    Oh please

  • DocArzt

    President: really? I went to the set. I had the first 4 eps before anyone, and all of the asterix quizzes are dead on. Not to mention I’ve been first anywhere with most of the preview clips. You are on a different planet than the rest of us I think.

  • surly

    Wow. Man. You’ve really made a boner. Don’t think I’ll be visiting much anymore. If it was an honest mistake, it was one best made after viewing the actual episode. The LostFan 108 spoiler was always prefaced with a “Not 100% sure this is accurate, but he has a good record, and please don’t share irresposibly” caveat. You just kinda went for broke and cast insults around, which I think is really a pot/black situation.

    In any case, I was happy to have my spoilery sense of sureness suspended until the last scene, so I’m not gonna hurl invectives at you or anything, but you might consider an attitude adjustment. You’ve lost some cred here. You got some Arzt on you.

  • aliasrox

    Impeach that last guy. ;-0

    Hey, you got some info and you tossed it out there. Can’t always win, just try!

    Think of the turtle…in order to move he has to stick his neck out.

  • DocArzt

    Haha… well, as soon as everybody else has to start apologizing for the same thing. It was pretty harmless parody for the most part. But, I have a feeling (hope?) that the alternate endings may shed more light, or not. Either way, it’s not as big a deal as anyone makes out out to be. My philosophy on ruiners existed far longer than that post, so I don’t understand why anyone who is suddenly offended would still be sticking around.

  • whocares

    who cares that doc got foiled. seriously, people take that stuff too seriously. i’ll still come here and dark’s site, they’re both quality.

    otoh, i also don’t care about dark posting the spoilers as long as I don’t have to read ’em.

  • Matt

    People, 75% of Darkufo spoilers are just interviews. 29% are false. 1% Is actually correct.

  • tj23

    Hey Doc, no harm as far as I’m concerned. Actually, I’m glad you posted that, because I unfortunately had some ass-bag spoil the coffin spoiler in one of Dark’s forum’s, and your post made it that much more suspenseful and had me guessing. I thought it was gonna be Ben until he showed up, then I thought it was Locke. Anyway, I know you’re not, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the above poster. And I’m with you, I think LF108 is an ass clown as well and hope he got sucked up by the island and never returns.

  • steve c

    yo doc dont worry about it, i too think that LF108 is scum, i like spoilers, mild hints and such and i love darks site and this one, but anyone who has an in with that show and betrays it like that i feel really isnt that great of a guy, and also, dont focus on the coffin thing, everything else u said was right, LF108 did miss a lot and was wrong about some other stuff, so your still good in my book

  • 2many questions

    What is PWND?

  • DocArzt
  • WLN

    Look, Doc admitted what went which way, and he took the hit where need be. And some of you folk are going to trash him for this? I know “coming clean” and admitting to mistakes is a concept that’s mainly lost (pun intended) on a lot of people now a days, but that kind of honesty still pays off in the end.


  • What is this about a boner? Or a gaff? As I don’t like to be spoiled, I’ve avoided darkufo since, oh, ever.

    Because he posts bullshit.

    If you want real information, then come here. At least Doc can own up to his mistakes. Honestly, if I knew who was in the coffin beforehand, I’d be upset.

  • litemakr

    I read this site daily but rarely comment. Let’s give the Doc a break on this one. This is a great site with great content and there are bound to be mistakes in the spoiler world. I would love to hear what the scene was the Doc heard was supposed to be at the end. He said it was Desmond, but what was the scene?

  • james

    regis — that would be fine with me. Frankly, I don’t understand how LF108 has managed to do this 2 years in a row. You’re a terrible fan if you want every single thing spoiled. LF108 mocked this episode, and it was much better than his crappy description. You don’t deserve the spoilers he gives you.

    President — Go to hell. Its not as if Doc had these spoilers out all day. This was out for one day, and even though he was wrong, it still restored a sense of mystery for me. YOU GET ALL OF THIS FREE, YOU DON’T DESERVE A SINGLE SPOILER, YOU’RE LUCKY YOU GET ANY AT ALL.

    surly — This is doc’s own personal website, he can insult whoever he wants, especially someone who spreads a spoiler that ruins stuff for people who don’t want to know. I found out the “Locke is in the coffin” reveal by accident, and it ruined it. Even if LF108 didn’t intend that, he is still to blame for spreading the spoilers.

    Doc — thanks for the spoiler vids that you post as always. Integrity is all part of the game, and Dark is in a different situation than he was last year, where the spoilers were already released and he was just displaying them in an intelligent manner. This year, he made the decision to post info directly from lostfan, and I think it could cost him a source or two next season. D&C might go to all their people and say, “Don’t release things to Darkufo, he betrayed the integrity of the show.” I don’t necessarily blame him, because LF108 probably would have went somewhere else, but it was still irresponsible to release the spoilers as early as he did. As you said, you saw the first 4 episodes, and didn’t speak a word of them. Thanks for your integrity, and I hope it serves you well in the future of the show.

  • The Professor

    What in the world’s the big deal about making a mistake? My God. And to see someone admit it, and then trash him, well, that’s immature. Seems like some people get their competetive fix from seeing who can release the best spoilers. Another sign of our societal decay. Great blog, great forum, great work, Doc. Fight the good fight.

  • marty

    bottom line, if you didnt see it with your own eyes you shouldnt have posted something like this. you coulda been like okay i found this out, its not 100% definite but im pretty sure lf108 is wrong. then it doesnt come true, and everyone understands.
    when you present it with such certainty it is misleading. if youre trying to be legit you should cover your ass by not presenting something like this in such a definite way. if there was ANY chance your information could be wrong (which there is if you didnt see it with your own eyes) then it should be noted as such.
    i read the spoilers and got the impression from them that the ep was gonna suck, but then i saw it with low expectations and loved it. some of my friends hated it and thought it was stupid, and are just as much avid fans as i am. leave lf108 alone, if you dont wanna read the spoilers then dont. the guy put it out there and if its a “ruiner”, then so be it, the people who like that will read it and the people who condemn it will avoid it.
    he posted his stuff and you posted yours, his was right and yours was wrong. i dont think he deserves an apology cause i doubt he cares, but at least acknowledge that hes more legit than you.
    and darkufo for life! (especially after this)

  • The Professor

    The rhetoric is killing me! Lostfan108 is “More legit”? Is someone paying him? Will ‘he’ one day appear and reap the rewards? (If he does, will ABC send Sayid to ask him what time it is?) A guy who lurks all year and then gets his hands on a script, releases it to the world, and then slinks away…there’s nothing legit about that.

  • mxy

    I don’t see what the big deal is. However, it would be good to announce what it is you were informed it would be. Anybody could just watch the alternate endings tomorrow and after the fact say “oh yeah ending 2 is the one they told me about.”

  • Brian

    Doc I think you didn’t excellent job trying to cover up something that someone was trying to ruin. I understand that it us up to each owns decision to read spoilers. I on one hand had read the spoilers, but it didn’t push me to not want to watch the finale. I like coming to this site and reading the info that is fed to me. The one thing I didn’t understand is why Claire didn’t have a bigger role? With her being in Kates dream really didn’t help with anything. It is what it is. To me the finale was not a great episode but an excellent one to set up for the next season with whole slue of new questions. Thanks for posting this.

  • mafafu

    This was not exactly a stellar job of journalism. Dark is running circles around this site and you should be ashamed at your jealousy.

  • KeepingAwake

    So that’s what “PWND” means. You crazy kids and your lingo..:D

    (As a non-gamer I would never have figured that out.)

  • DocArzt

    Jealous? First, Dark is a friend. Second, I’ve had many fortunate moments with LOST that no-one else in the blogging world has matched. I say fortunate, because it is just that… luck and fortune, but the opportunities came BECAUSE of integrity. I’m jealous of no-one.

  • milo

    “If you don’t want spoilers then don’t read them or look for them.”

    That’s a nice idea, and I’m sure it works great in your world of rainbows and unicorns.

    But here, assholes post spoilers all over without warning. Unfortunately, I came across some accidentally and had the finale ruined for me. And I’m pissed as hell about it.

    lf108’s info was right, but that doesn’t make him any less of an asshat. Doc, you had good intentions, so I’m not going to fault you at all. The world needs more good guys instead of douchebags like 108 and darkufo. Don’t listen to these idiots who take their side.

    I hope the guy gets found out and fired, he totally deserves it.

  • 2many questions

    @Doc – Thanks for the definition. Much appreciated.

  • Brewski

    Hey doc
    Even though the info u gave turned out to be false it still was enough for me to doubt that it WAS gonna be locke in the coffin, so therefore i was able to enjoy the story and got a semi-shock at the end of the show. Thanks, for at least giving me some of the episode back to enjoy.

  • Doc, I’m about as anti-spoiler as one could get, and I applaud your efforts at trying to keep the spoilers off your site, both from moving forums and not allowing comments to trying to debunk the spoilers that do get out there. I think you did an excellent job of everything leading up to the finale, including the accidental despoil. So don’t let any of the spoiler fans get to you — your site rocks, and I’d take it over any of the spoiler sites any day.

  • jimmy ze00

    Doc, whether you meant to or not, you despoiled it enough for me and I thank you for that. As for Lostfan, not only is he an asshat, he’s kind of a dickwad too, posting his spoilers the way he does.

  • DocArzt

    This should be the final word on the matter:–.php

  • LostintheUK

    Doc, don’t even waste your time defending yourself from people who get brave behind a keyboard but fail to provide anything other than deconstructive arm-chair criticism. You leave TS to concentrate on building on your Lost experiences and to provide an even more comprehensive tool for Lost fans (ranging from the casual viewers to the die-hard losties) to come together to discuss, speculate, meditate on the show…and if they WANT to, they can express those thoughts and feelings in the comments. People criticised you. You provide a forum where IF THEY CHOOSE TO a few of those ‘in the know’ CAN post information which can ruin others enjoyment of the show. People criticise you. You close the comments to prevent such things from taking place? People criticise you. You empower everybody, and some of them will inevitably hate you for it, because it forces them to choose. Choose what words to type into Google, choose which site to visit or not, choose whether to read a post on that site or not. And even if they do read that post, they still have a choice to make: whether to believe it or not.

    Whichever route LF108’s information took from writers meeting to Lost fansite, it is still information one has to make a conscience choice to find. It is not on Google or any other search engines homepage, it is not in your local news or your weekly/monthly mags or your MSN or Yahoo headlines. It is contained within a very small margin of space within the internet. And if and when you find it, you still have the choice of whether to believe it or not. Does it matter if you were right or wrong to believe it? If you care about the show, then the only thing that matters is that you made a choice, not really what that choice was.

    You made your choice Doc. Others made theirs. I chose to read the spoiler. I chose to not believe it. Turns out that choice was incorrect – but it wasn’t WRONG, because I had one hell of a good time watching this episode and the fact that I thought I ‘knew’ who WASN’T in the coffin nailed the surprise at the end.

    Thank-You for your continued efforts, Doc. Thank-You for still giving people a choice.

  • mcc300

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Spoilers suck. I read season 3’s spoiler last year and TOTALLY ruined the finale for myself. This year, I avoided them and found myself guessing who was in the coffin for the last 45 minutes of the episode. Thank God I held off this year. I looked at Doc’s post after I watched the finale and I thought it was quite funny actually.

    I agree that LF108 is an AssHat (which I’ve never heard that term before but will now use it regularly). LF108’s an AH for the mere reason that he/she is PIRATING/STEALING/(whatever you wish to call it) someone else’s INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! Haven’t people been sued for doing this? It is then posted for all to see. What gives LF108 the right to do so? Granted, DarkUFO and others took steps to ensure that there were warnings so no one would inadvertently see it if they chose not to, which is laudible but that’s tantamount to pissing on a wildfire. The problem arises when the large number of subsidiary AH’s decide to post the spoilers at random and everywhere. It’s just a bad situation all around.

    I don’t want spoilers, I want the journey. All those in favor of spoilers, I’ve got the solution for you. Throw your TV and computer out, then wait until 2011 for the Season 5 and Season 6 DVD’s to come out. Then you can get the rest of the story all at once or at the very least, you can watch the final episode.


  • Jonathan

    Shit! You spoiled it for me! Time-shifting, dude, time-shifting! Where’s the spoiler notice?

  • milo

    Jonathan, are you joking? You didn’t go online and read articles about the lost finale BEFORE watching it, did you?

  • TAB

    I actually appreciated it. I think lostfan108 has some bad wiring and wants to piss off Lost fans. His review overlooked a lot of stuff. It was a dead giveaway that Locke was probably going to be in the coffin with all the foreshadowing mentioning Jeremy Bentham and his comments that appear to mirror Locke’s comments in the garden of the Orchid. But because Arzt was adamant it wasn’t Locke, I was still somewhat surprised. If I had just watched it through without reading any of this, I would have totally guessed it. It was a “happy mistake.”

  • Anonymous Troll

    JOHN LOCKE IS IN THE COFFIN! Damn. Too late.

    Hey James, you read the LF108 spoilers yet you’re calling everyone else who read them poor fans? *shrugs*

  • Don’t let the idiots and asshats get you down, Doc! I think any of us real fans would have been happy to see LostFan108 taken down a peg or three, and it’s clear that the Lost crew worked really hard to misdirect people about the identity of the coffin-dweller.
    But MAN was I unhappy to see Locke in that box. I wish the Sawyer ending had been the real one. 🙁
    Granted, there’s a lot of Locke story between the Island moving and Locke getting desperate enough to leave and (or so we’re told) kill himself, but I’m also hoping against hope that there’s some kind of miracle for John Locke going forward in the story. The series finale in 2010 would be all the poorer for a lack of Terry O’Quinn.

  • Anonymous Troll

    SonyaLynn, you are SO right. There’s lots of story there. It’s 3 years later when he dies. Look how much has happened in only 3 months. 🙂 In any case, I think Ben killed him to find a way back to the island.

  • theMachine

    Doc – forget these whiners… they are immature AH’s. Anyway, even though ur intention was not to despoil the AH’s spoiler, it still did that for me, and it was more enjoyable to watch bc of it!!!! keep up the GREAT work!!

  • Jim Nasium

    Dont you guys see what being revealed here?

    Revealing major spoilers is a dirty deed and this is the type of people it atracts. If you lived in the Iraq you’d be drillin holes in eachothers kneecaps. hahaha Here in civilization you can only insult eachother and blow tv plots. Yeah..its much better than terror but its still a bunch of insects spreading the disease.

    Teasers are ok. A little tidbit here and there. Sneek peaks…There’s lots of good stuff on this site. But Potentially ruining a show because your like a crack fiend without the self control to wait a few days??… thats weak minded

  • elsie

    “If you don’t want spoilers then don’t read them or look for them. Simple as that. Now don’t ruin it for us who enjoy and look forward to them”

    Every time there’s a rude spoiler incident somebody trots out that tired, snotty-assed line. Regis, nobody is trying to prevent the availability of spoilers. The complaint is that they were posted sneak-attack style so that those who didn’t go looking for spoilers got them anyway. Like those asshats who yelled Snape spoilers at children waiting to buy their Harry Potter books.

    I agree with Doc. He got pwned as far as the info was concerned, but pointing out correctly that someone is an asshat doesn’t make you an asshat.

  • anthony cancelliere

    I don’t care about the mistake but you were wrong and he was right and you said bad things about him. Just admit that you were wrong about the info and wrong to call him an ass hat because it makes you look like a little boy is 8th grade.