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DocArzt & Friends LOST Podcast Ep. 6 – Some Like It Hoth (The Ewok Mix)

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Finally, after a short break to sack a thief and get some much needed Spring Break rest, Koobie and Doc are back to fillet another episode of LOST!  This week we dissect the daddy issues, copious easter eggs, and black humor of episode 5.13 – “Some Like it Hoth.”

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  • dolce

    Doc, I’m going out of town, but in 2 weeks if the offer still stands, I would love to pm you with some podcast input.

  • Before I saw the episode I assumed the title was a reference to Luke speaking to a dead Obi-Wan (knowing that it was a Miles episode). 😉

  • The Traveler

    “Miles. Use the Force, Miles. Let it guide your ‘reactions’.”

  • Zeo

    Even though Seanie B stole his info atleast he wasnt guilty of mindless babble like this chit chat!

    • docarzt

      Muah, Muah, Muah…