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Doc’s Lost Season 4 Premiere Prediction Thread

By docarzt,

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Okay, so I can’t actually predict anything because that would be like, a spoiler.  So what I thought would be cool is to turn this over to you guys.  What do you expect to see in the season 4 premiere.  Please, speculation only and no I will not make this a big dangerous thread by commenting myself.

  • UKlostit

    Its a bit of a shame that you cannot comment due to seeing it, however it is understandable that you watched it like any lost fan with half a chance. i like you insight and predictions, guess we’ll have to wait until your back guessing like the rest of us!

    I think season 4 will be amazing! (Obviously) it dont matter to me what they do as long as it what the writers think is appropriate based on past,present and oh yeah the future.

  • preztige

    I believe we will see Charlie from the very begining or at least in the first episode. I noticed Hurley was wearing the same color shirt as in the last episode from season 3( although many losties always wear the same shirt). Hopefully We will see Christian in the first episode, last mobisode I thought was awesome(could it have been Jack dreaming? say after everything had already happened?) Although we see a difference in Christian attire, white shoes as apposed to black shoes(i think) when Jack first saw him on the island. I think, I dont know why, but that we will figure out Mr. Paik is involved with the island(this based on Lost-Heroes coincidences) and how the asian father in Heroes was involved with the experimentation without his son knowing. Alsooooo………
    Many Walt will be seen? I hope they show Vincent…and uh, I dont know.. I bet it’ll be awesome though!

  • jojo323

    Well for the last two premieres the first thing we have seen is a brand new important character in a brand new important setting. Desmond in the Hatch, Juliet at the barracks. Both season premieres have also taken place before the last thing we saw on the Island in the finale, Desmond’s introduction takes place shortly before the dynamite is set off, and Juliet’s intro takes place way before the Pala Ferry incident and shortly before 815 crashed. With my reasoning stated my prediction is that season four begins on “Not-Penny’s-Boat” shortly before the sat-phone call. Inferring from the days listed on, Naomi has been on the Island for 6 days. Figuring she is dead the crew is downtrodden (at this point we still aren’t aware that we are on “Not-Penny’s-Boat”) Just as the Captain or leader of the expedition or however it works has declared Naomi Dorrit (it’s at this point we’ll realize where we are) dead (which coincidently just happened on the Island) the sat-phone rings. Mankowski picks up and we see the other side of the conversation. Mankowski then runs to tell Naomi’s former love interest that she’s still alive which will be the linchpin of at least one of the new interlopers humanity when he discovers that his love was murdered in cold blood by Locke later on. After the commercial we get back to the action (finally) on the Island. The losties, Rousseau, Alex, and unconscious deflated Ben in tow begin their trek back to the beach-camp. Ben awakens and is told by Jack that rescue is finally on its way, Ben realizing that its to late to stop them from arriving, decides the only way to keep the Island safe is try to show the losties the importance of the Island and specifically its’ isolation from the rest of the world in order to bring them to his side. To this end Ben offers to bring Jack, Kate, and Rousseau to visit Jacob. It think this episode will have either a Jack or a multi-character flash-forward and will deal with their homecoming or the first inklings of Jack’s downfall. Other than that I don’t really have any idea. From the season four trailer it would seem that the interlopers will make landfall in the first episode but you never can tell. As for the entire season I think the flash-forwards will tell the story of how Jack convinces the escapees to return to the Island. I think that maybe just maybe the “Not-Penny’s-Boat” people will be revealed to be part of the Maxwell Group which as we have learned is a subsidy of Widmore Industries and that Charles Widmore sent them out of guilt after realizing how much Desmond meant to Penny. I think Michael somehow found out about the search and led them to the vicinity of the Island thus in some small way redeeming himself. Looking to the extreme future I think season five will deal with the the people who leave the Island reconciling with their return to civilization (and I know this is very radical) but may not feature the Island at all instead delving into the cabal that has knowledge of the Island but keeps it hidden and that season six will be the return and all of the mysteries will at long last be revealed.

  • roomforhuman

    Whatever happens, I’m freakin’ stoked. I believe that the “rescue team” will hit the island and reveal that they are there for another, darker, purpose in the premier. I personally think this new threat is looking for Jacob. I think Jacob will be the focal point of season 4, and this makes me think that Hurley may visit the shack in the premier as well. I do not know, nor do I wish to know, who’s flash(something) episode this is, but I think it will most likely start off with Jack. I think the WTF moment will be us seeing Michael again.

  • DocArzt

    I am totally mourning not being able to theorize anymore. But soon… soon…

  • I predict that a hurricane will come and the Professor will get Gilligan and the Skipper to srtap all the huts toget–oops, wrong show. Never mind!

  • DustinCahill

    My prediction is that the Freighter people have long been able to see the island. We have even heard them before (The whispers), and that they are trying to find the island to capture the Monster Remember that at one time Alvar Hanso was involved in weapons trade or development, and wouldn’t the Monster be the ultimate weapon if they can excerise control over it. So I beleive the Freighter people are connected with all the power’s we have seen (Hanso/Mittelwerk, Paik, Widmore) and that they have in fact had an ‘eye; into the island for sometime through the Monster, an entity they sometimes have to share with Jacob, but that also has its own mind and agenda.

  • Francis

    I just want to see the episode.But, my prediction: this first episode won’t be very shocking (the on island action), we will take the story were it was left, so, they are going to find out what happened with Charlie and about the ‘not penny’s boat’ message (things we already know from the finale), and we will see the group reunion. But I think that we are going to wait for the next episode to see something happening.And about the flasback or flashforward: I have no idea.