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Doc’s Review – BEAT Kevin Johnson (Senseless)

By docarzt,

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large_111645_203_ful.jpgI’ve received numerous emails over the past week asking basically the same thing:  why haven’t you covered Kevin Johnson yet?  The truth is, in my opinion there was not much to cover.   I’m often accused of giving Lost a free ride or being slanted, it should be safe to say after this review that this is not the case.

I absolutely hated “Meet Kevin Johnson,” in ways that I thought I would never dislike an episode of Lost.  It failed to capitalize on some of the more interesting themes set up in season 4, and in the process devalued them.  It failed to create a believable way for Michael and Walt to renter society WITHOUT a fantastic element.  And worst of all, it made far less than effective use of Cynthia Watros.

I stand by my position that Lost doesn’t need to have a plan.  Writers should be free to ‘make it up as they go along.’  But on a high level, some things need to be solid.  When it was revealed that the plane crash was caused by the Swan Station, I got worried.  The reason is because “what is in the hatch” was something that the creators admitted they did not determine until well into the first quarter of the first season, and the plane crash was before that. On that note, I find the introduction of Michael as Ben’s “Man on the Boat” to be completely ridiculous, if not enigmatic.

This wouldn’t be the case if Michael and Walt had, as was widely expected, experienced some kind of time shift.  And therein lays one of my biggest beefs with the episode, in a situation where time travel is more or less a side show the writers have no difficulty going full bore with the fantastic.  The Constant was an amazing episode, but let’s face it: Desmond’s time trip did little more than make a trip to the freighter and a call home all more interesting then they deserved to be.  It was well done, and The Constant is one of my favorite episodes, but it was also less necessary to use the fantastic to tell that segment of the Lost story than it was for “Kevin Johnson.”

In terms of closing the “man on their boat” thread, Meet Kevin Johnson’s primary responsibility, the episode failed horribly.  Clearly Ben did not get any information from Michael as he had claimed, since his first contact with Michael was the order to disable the radio room.  Not to mention that Ben’s air of omniscience would be dubious if he were not able to gather intel on the boaties given the fact that he had detailed files on every Oceanic 815 passenger.  Given our experience with Ben from season 3, I thought the need for a “man on their boat” to be a little bit like overkill to begin with, but for that man to be Michael is just plain odd.

Now, it could be said that the entire plot of Meet Kevin Johnson – and any of the factors leading up to and directly connected to the plot of it – were nothing but red herrings, and that at some point there will be a twist that will reveal the ‘real’ reason that Michael needed to be on the boat, but there would be a very distasteful conclusion to that:  a lot of time was wasted telling THIS story.

There were certainly some aspects of the episode that were “good,” but on the Dharmabunny scale this was a zero.   You can chastise me for the various ‘upsides’ hidden in the outer margins of the episode,  but I’m not flinching on this:  Kevin Johnson was very likely the worst episode of Lost I’ve ever seen.

  • roomforhuman

    Wow, Doc. I truely appreciate your honesty although I disagree in some ways. I’ll agree that it did not live up to the hype (at all), but it did move the story forward in an interesting way. I think the key to the episode is “the island won’t let Michael die” stuff along with the Libby haunting him (although I thought the use of Libby was a HUGE letdown). I’m excited to see where they go from here though. Perhaps we can chalk the Meet Kevin Johnson letdown to the fact that it was finished so close to the strike. I sure hope so.

  • Brian Holmes

    Eh, I agree with your reasoning, Doc, but not your conclusion. Everything fits in the timeline, when you take the time to put everything in its place, so even though the culmination of the story was less than LOST’s known ability to WOW the audience, I enjoyed it nonetheless and can’t say it causes any contradictions in the plot.

  • DocArzt

    I mean, the fact that Michael and Walt are on this leaky little tub and next are back in New York? You can’t just gloss over a situation like that. Yes, you can shoe horn things in place, it makes it expository, stiff, unimaginative, and not at all up to Lost spec, though.

  • DocArzt

    roomforhuman: I absolutely do not deny that there are good things in the episode, just not good enough to excuse the ‘slapping together’ of the core. The episode had no heart. Well, maybe a Jarvik… at any rate, hurry back Lost!

  • preztige

    I truly agree with you Doc. Although naming it the most horrible episode may be a little too harsh; but it sure is damn close. If this was a season 1 or season 2 episode, it wouldnt have been that bad. The producers and LOST itself has promised us so much for this 8th episode; the hype of Michael coming back, the strike, and knowing their would be a hiatus created a feeling that this episode may be one of the greatest episodes of season 4, but it wasnt. It was not up to par with what was promised. And I agree, the Michael and Walt story is ridicously. Michael telling Walt about him killing the two girls was an easy way out, it was stupid writing. Alot of the characters also seem like they are doing things in this season that are very out of character. And I dont mean Jack becoming suicidal or a “loser” “depressed”, because that is really a close trait to his character; but Michael telling Walt about killing Libby and Ana Lucia, and Sayid telling someone he JUST MET about Michael true identity was truly ridicoulous and unnecesary.

  • preztige

    Also, I hated the idea of “THE ISLAND DOESNT LIKE MICHAEL DIE” . I still like LOCKES idea of “Fate” and everything happens for a reason. That whole thing with Michael and the gun was ridiculous. Someone commented that Mr. Friendly may have switched the guns while he took it away from Michael and gave it back to him. THIS WOULD BE SO SLICK and I would appreciate that alot more than they gun not wanting to fire. Mr. Friendly could have given him a gun with a failed trigger. He could have bought the same gun somewhere else (knowing which one to buy since he was stalking Michael). This would totally go with Lockes idea of “Fate”. Fate doesnt necesarrily mean that something miracolous will happen out of thin air, but that something is “SUPPOSED” to happen; and when something is SUPPOSED to happen, then SOMEONE is in CONTROL.(EITHER THE ALL MIGHTY, or his chess pieces PEOPLE) So Mr. Friendly’s timing (stopping Michael from shooting himself) would definitely be considered as FATE(faith whatnot). This goes with Locke’s not dying from the gunshot wound. HIs kidney was not there! and this was all under Anthony Coopers control! How awesome was that!?! THat is what FATE is all about! Locke is SUPPOSED to do something for the island.

  • buffy

    I agree with you. I didn’t like the episode. My problem more comes from Michael himself. I can’t tell if I hate the actor or the character, but I have to assume it’s the character because I didn’t have a pre-Lost hatred for Harold Perrineau at all.

    (Although, the episode wasn’t a total loss, because I did like learning more about the-island-won’t-let-you-die aspect, as well as watching Miles openly laugh at Locke and Sawyer regarding Ben.)

    But either way, I cannot stand Michael’s storyline, and the whole episode felt like a waste of space that could have been told through another character. We don’t get a Sawyer episode this year but we get a MICHAEL episode?! Seriously??? What about Claire-before-she-possibly-dies?

    I would have been much happier if they had just wrapped up the entire thing when Michael and Walt sailed off into the 325 bearing and we never saw them again. (Okay, I liked Walt, but let the kid grow out of his part rather than come up with ridiculous story changes to account for his growth. Sheesh.) I don’t know if it’s the worst episode I’ve ever seen (there are a couple of Kate episodes that rank high on my list) but it certainly wasn’t remotely interesting with only 37 episodes left.

    The only part of Michael I was interested in at ALL was how they got back to Real Life after leaving the island.


  • Lefty7166

    I don’t know if this counts for anything, but did anyone find it kind of strange that unlike most of the Flashbacks which are more or less internalized, this one was something that Micheal was saying to Sayid. At the end it was clear that Sayid heard the whole story, that is why he went to the captain. Micheal might have been lying to Sayid. I know other sources of Lost are not cannon, as the producers have pointed out many times, but having played the Lost videogame (don’t want to spoil it), the ending would have seemed to reveal something about what might have really happened to Micheal.

    For all those who don’t play videogames, I highly recommend finding a source to watch the ending to that game, it is absolutley nuts.

  • graham

    I hated this episode, but not more than most of the episodes of this season With the exception of Confirmed dead and The constant (and some scenes from TBOTE and The Economist), the rest was a huge disappointment for me.
    But with Meet Kevin Johnson the writers sent to hell the timeline, and this was their biggest mistake.

  • Nathcelly

    I’m pretty sure Ben did get information from Michael. I believe Ben told Michael to collect a list of the names of everyone aboard the ship and relay it to Ben prior to disabling the radio and engine.

  • Mark

    The whole Island not letting him die thing was pretty stupid. People can die ON the Island (lots do-Friendly included). I think he must have been conning Michael. Jammed the gun. The other thing is that there is no reference by Michael (or anyone) about time passing differently on the Island. I’m a little worried it’s just gonna get stupid from here or there gonna need to do some major backpedaling somehow. The whole time shifting thing worries me for the future of the show. I LOVE the idea of cloning, but they’ve been so good about sticking to a timeline with on-island flashbacks, castaways ‘almost’ encountering each other before the crash, etc. I hope they don’t screw it up.

  • robert

    Since you were upset that they didn’t fully explain how Michael could get back to society without some fantastic element, it may make you feel a bit better that they do plan to explain “exactly” how he got back to New York in the last five episodes. At least according to this TV Guide article Dark UFO found at

  • BiggsDarklighter

    Doc, I dug this episode.
    I like that you said that lost doesn’t need to have a plan. I’m on this side as well. Meet Kevin Johnson was great IMO. I identify with the father trying to be something for his child. I can understand that after feeling like his pride and efficacy were lost, that he would resort to the measures that he did. I respect the timeline issue. I dont lament that Michael was not a clone, or that he was not sent back into the past where Walt could be re-abducted. I just respect the story for what it was. What hurts lost for me is when characters act, well, out of character. I did not like “eggtown” much because it seemed that all the characters became symbols of something else in order to tell the tragic love/loss story of Kate. Sometimes, I guess, when the story centers around a character you aren’t interested in the rest of the story kind of suffers, as I could care less if Kate just dissappeared like Richard Alpert. As for the hype. Can someone clarify what the expectation was exactly? Once I get the expectation, maybe I’ll feel the loss. This epi just did not bother me like it did some.

  • Se

    I still don’t think Michael is Ben’s man on the boat.
    I kind of think that the captain might be…

    Think about it.

  • DocArzt

    I’m aware of that Robert, and I appreciate you sharing the link, however…. weren’t the same things said about this episode? And the idea of Michael gathering names is different from reconnoitering entire histories…

  • Paulo

    Doc, Ben told Michael to gather the names of the freighties and after the next call he should disable the radio room. I also think that the reason for him being on the boat is not just for gathering names. There must be something else there. The most annoying thing on the episode for me was that “the island won’t let you die ’cause you still have work to do”. That’s just too fantastic, even for Lost. I hope they can keep, at least, one foot on the reality field.

  • Mark

    This is interesting from

    When Tom gives Michael the passport he says, “Meet Kevin Johnson.” Michael wasn’t going by his real name and wasn’t yet going by Kevin Johnson when he first got off the island. So what name was he going by? I think he was going by the name Jon and is the person who died, whom no one but Jack went to the viewing of (Ep: 3×22, Through the Looking Glass).

  • Mark

    Sorry-that may have been a bit spoiler-ish for here. Just read the notice above.

  • mike

    Hate to state the obvious, but the episode didn’t show HOW Michael and Walt re-entered society. So, really, TPTB didn’t disappoint because it sure as hell feels like there’s more to tell – just like with the plane crash. You mean Flight 815 was found?! Wow!

    You see, TPTB didn’t close the book on the crash. They just explained, simply, how it happened. With “Meet Kevin Johnson”, the writers simply explained WHY and HOW Michael came back.

    I stand by this idea that I’ve used to explain why I’ve never hated an episode of Lost. If the show is indeed one big story, I’m not really gonna judge until the entire story is finished. It would be like calling a book crappy if you only read half way, or walked out of a movie – sorry, but that’s stupid. You cannot judge something until you’ve seen the whole picture.

    True, this was an episode, which does half and beginning, a middle, and an end. In that case, sure, one can critique the episode itself. However, to make assumptions on the episode’s function in the entirety of the show’s plot is pedestrian. C’mon, Doc. You’re better than that.

    This review reminded me of “Three Minutes” where you completely missed the point. THAT episode was about WHY Michael did what he did, not to excuse him. “Meet Kevin Johnson”, as I’ve already stated was meant to tell ONE aspect in Michael’s story.

    When the show ends, and it turns out TPTB have nothing else to say about this part of Michael and Walt’s journey, I will join you, sir. I’ll go back and review every episode. And, then, only then, will I say it sucked.

    More power to you, though, Doc. Seriously. This post may have been a bit off, but hey – I’m just writing off the cuff here. And, quite frankly, I kinda suck at writing.

    Although, here’s a query: Do you hate Michael and all things related Michael?

    Just kidding.

  • Lee

    Doc, i totally agree with you. Brilliant post. The whole episode was a HUGE let down and showed us pretty much nothing we didnt really know or could work out. The whole ending scene was so random and poor also, felt like it was only there so the whole ‘someone will die’ tag could be added to the episode build up.

    Keep up the good work.

  • bthorne47

    I would have to agree with you, somewhat. I DID think the episode was disappointing. but the worst episode ever? far from it. i’d have to say that “the other woman” was the worst ep. of the series…complete waste of our time.

  • buffy

    Non-Michael sidenote: I was totally not expecting Sayid to take the snitch route when handling the Michael situation. I mean, not that he should be loyal to Michael, but he also has no reason to be loyal to the captain, and it didn’t seem like a very Sayid-y move to do that.

    Doesn’t that take a bit of control and planning-ability away from Sayid? I dunno. Weird.

  • David

    I too was a bit upset about this episode. The time-shift phenomenon would have been a great twist, and ultimately what I had been expecting. Would have also LOVED to see Malcolm David Kelley (Where has he BEEN?!) as Taller Walt as Ben’s man on the boat. After all, Ben did tell Locke, “Ok, I’ll let you know who my man is, but you better sit down.” Is it bad that Michael, the most obvious choice for his man on the boat turned out to be right? Maybe if it had been less obvious from the credits, or the previous announcements, but I still find it a bit contrived. I dunno, I guess I expect for Lost to really trick me, or at least provide a big twist at some point. The second I can guess from 6 (6!!!) episodes back who Ben’s man is, I start to feel a little unnerved.

    This episode isn’t so much a BAD episode. It just fails to capitalize on what could have been a great story. And I’m still not sure why Michael’s mom is so OK with everything. “Oh, I heard you died in a plane crash, but you’re still alive. So, why can’t we tell anyone about it?”

    I guess the community at large will always be a little disappointed about the outcome of these storylines because we can speculate and collectively come up with great stories of our own. I guess I always thought the writers were a few steps ahead of us. Now, it seems, we’ve caught up a bit.

  • Branden


    I remember having some of the same thoughts you described (learning that they didn’t know what was in the hatch from the beginning, and probably didn’t know what the monster was when they introduced it in the Pilot, and the idea that Michael Emerson might not have been on the show more than three episodes yet now he is a major character). That made me nervous, too. But here’s a way of looking at it that calms me down.

    I took a creative writing class, and we used an exercise where we thought of random images — a tree, maybe, and a locket, and a car tire. Then we came up with a story using all of those pieces. I think what Lost did, particularly early on, was introduce these elements that they could then write their story around. Writers do it all the time, I’m sure. And writing serially gives them a lot of freedom in that respect. When we step back and look at the series as a whole, if we can avoid picking apart the creative process, it should be something pretty amazing to look at.

  • ErasedSlate

    Worst episode ever? Then where does ‘Stranger in a strange land’ fit. Talk about a throw away episode. I expected more from this ‘MKJ.’ And that leads to disappointment with it. With the tightness of the timeline, we were all feeling rushed. It was almost an ‘Expose’ episode where it goes to elaborate means to get us to connect to characters that we do not ultimately care about.

    Lost’s strength is also Lost’s weakness. We invest in characters hoping for redemption. The problem is these characters devolve. Michael is the perfect example, he starts as an unconcerned dad to a double murderer. He lost his own humanity. Locke, once the moral compass, is now a murderer. Jack attempted a murder in cold blood. He is a personal wreck off the island (before & after). Kate is a murderer as well as Sawyer. You get to the point where you no longer care if they are redeemed.

    I still hope for Locke, but Desmond and Penny’s story is far more compelling. That story has the elements that we are drawn to. It centers around hope and love. It is the embodiment of our own strife for significance. There is anticipation to their story and a touch of the supernatural. There is anticipation for the Michael story, but is was for the gun to actually fire.

    Although, my favorite line from the episode was, “Did your gun just jam or did the bullet bounce off your head?”

  • Brian

    I wonder how much of the lack of this episode’s quality can be attributed to the fact that it was likely written in a rush as the writer’s strike was about to begin…

    (Personally I liked the episode in general but did expect it to reveal more…)

  • xtremdelt8

    To those saying it was out of Syid’s character to rat Michael out to the captain:

    We know that Syid has been known to act from his heart and later regret it. Even to the point of something so horrific happening that he has to sell himself out to work for Ben.

    I do not believe this was out of character at all.

  • The Professor

    Given Sayid’s experience in the intelligence field, I assume he has a good understanding of “negotiations,” as he showed a few episodes ago. And the only times he’s acted on his heart has involved a romantic interest. So unless he was in love with Ana Lucia, I don’t buy it.

    Personally, regarding the point about the characters devolving, I think we have to see them at their lowest to see them come back up again. The only part about Michael’s character that I buy at this point is his need to redeem himself, but the problem is, he’s constantly someone else’s guinea pig. As a character, he’s very passive. And that’s tough to root for. Just imagine if he’d found out about the boat, figured a way to get on, and somehow got in contact with Ben. I know, hard to believe, but it would have been more interesting.

  • clayb

    I wouldn’t say it was the “worst” episode ever, but definitely the most dissappointing. I have to agree with doc that this episode, despite whatever future episodes hold, was a big waste of time.

    The characters of Walt and Michael have been M.I.A. for basically two years and 30 episodes and this is the explanation we get. While I’m encouraged that there might be more to the Michael/Walt story in the rest of this season, it doesn’t excuse the shoddy writing and plotting of this episode. They made a huge fuss at Comicon about Harold’s return yet it seems they forgot to deliver an equally compelling story on screen.

    Michael’s departure was not only controversial for his own sake, but it also served as a barrier or “buffer” for Walt’s connection to the overall story of the show. That a character like Michael serves only as a “lackey” for an inane and redundant Ben Linus ploy is ridiculous.

  • Here here!

  • isaac

    hey man, i apreciate your work, but this review sucked
    did you watch the same episode as I did?
    nada.. doc you’ve lost it man

  • Darius

    Relax Doc, what do you want? One more episode of lost where they answers all the questions? I didn’t think so. and if you don’t like what you see, pick up a pen, write scripts, sign all the Lost actors to work on your version during the summer, and sell it to NBC.

  • ck

    A solid review Doc. I tend to share your view on “Meet Kevin Johnson” — an episode that should have been much, much better. It was a missed opportunity. One positive, in my view, was that HP showed some good acting skills as Michael.

    Overall, the episode didn’t deliver. If a six year show is going to hide its main mysteries until the very end, then the ride needs to be more fun and unexpected. “Meet Kevin Johnson” was not fun and its tone was too dull and depressing. Libby might as well have stayed in her island grave. The shootings at the end felt forced. There was no ‘wonder’ factor in this episode. This leads me to other areas that season four has under-delivered:

    While this season has had some strong episodes, there are now just too many characters and too subplots in the air. Even worse, the new characters do not have proper depth or motivations – only more vagueness and undeveloped mystery.

    Even worse, some of the main characters are simply missing: Sawyer, Locke (the REAL Locke), and Jack. Ben is a vital character but he needs to interact more with the main characters.

    Kate and Sawyers relationship turned way too dark and serious. We DON’T need a Jack and Juliett and Ben triangle too.

    I sincerely hope that Jin is not dead. If this very likable character is, in fact, dead, then needed to happen ‘live’ and have pressing meaning for Sun and the Losties.

    I think “Meet Kevin Johnson” and the overall direction of Season 4 has suffered somewhat from the strike. For this LOST fan, that’s a disappointment.

    Lost needs to finish strong this season. The next two seasons need to be more lean and focused. They also need to reestablish the sense of wonder that was so common during the first three seasons. Lost can still finish its run as the most unique and best show ever, and I hope it does so.

    The ratings, however imperfectly measured, are going down. This is not good news. Lost may not be canceled, but it’s production budget could be cut and the show filmed on a lot instead of an island. This would damage the show in a serious way. The sets for season four are already dark and boring. Lost can do better than this.

    I’ll keep watching. But I’m getting a bit worried.

  • jayh

    Best episode of season 4 IMHO.

  • I actually had the impression this episode was getting better all the time, better all the time. Not sure where I got that idea.

  • LovinLost

    I personally don’t buy the “island won’t let you die” malarky either. Come on. I am suprised at how easily it seems people have bought the idea that Mr. Friendly just “happened” to have a file handy that has all of the documents that “prove” the 815 crash was a decoy set up by Widmore. “See, Michael, here’s a picture of empty graves… NOW do you believe us?” “Look, photocopied documents… No,no they are real, I swear, TRUST ME”
    I fully believe, Mr. Friendly switched Micheal’s gun (or disabled it somehow) and was just waiting back at his room with his file of “proof”. “Meet Kevin Johnson”, was a set up for a real suprise later in the season.
    Remember, “the Others”, although I don’t doubt that they do have a lot of money and power, are also masters at mindf@*#ing. Michael/Kevin was just a victim of Ben’s latest manipulation and I am positive we will see a deeper reason for this later in the season. It just doesn’t make sense that Ben would go through all the trouble to get Michael on the boat just to get files on the freighties. I think Ben could’ve done that on his own or with resources he has had in place for a long time.

    P.S. I don’t doubt the 815 decoy theory, I just don’t trust the situation that Mr, Friendly used the “documents” in. I don’t neccessarily believe it was Widmore that set it up either.

  • downthehatch

    I too thought it could have been better. However, I have a solid theory as to why these last 3 have been sub-par. The Strike. If memory serves me correctly, the strike was either in effect or looming close by and that Damon and/or Carlton went in to finish these up without the writers help. I’d be interested to know how many people did put these together. I think we got sub-par episode due to the fact that they were finished very quickly due to the strike. I have no doubt that LOST’s next 5 episodes will be nothing short of stellar like the beginning of this Season.

  • angela

    of course people like us, who read every recap and blog and maybe even spoiler, feel disappointed. because we “expected” michael and walt to be involved in time travel and were disappointed when they weren’t. because the (sometimes whacked-out) explanations we come up with for LOST mysteries aren’t always the right ones, or are far too complex. we have to remember that we, the LOSt nerds of blogs and message boards and reading everything sawyer reads are like, 10 percent of the LOST viewing population. if the writers wanted a show that required as much research and speculation as we put into it, they would have made walt and michael time travel. but the show is popular because it is mysterious and thought-provoking, not because it makes the other 90 percent (who don’t want to read blogs, don’t have time, etc) feel like they need to do homework to watch LOST.

    sometimes the things we see are just what they are: things. they are echoes and reverberations, not as missing puzzle piece. is their an ironic component to what sawyer reads, and how it reverberates with what happens on-island? yes. are the answers to everything hidden in “valis”? no.

    everyone i know who ISN’T a blog-reader loved kevin johnson, as well as the other shows most of us were lukewarm about.

    i think if we feel let down, it’s because our speculation and theorizing raised expectations the writers can’t fulfill. because it would mean making a different episode for each different sect of the lost-fanverse.

    i respect yr opinion here, doc, but i’d rather let the writers do their jobs, and follow the plan. i would really hate to see LOST go the way of x-files and spiral into conspiratorial nothingness (which ends in not knowing any more than in the first episode, thereby making the viewer feel like they’ve been the butt of a huge long time-wasting joke).

    i’m just sayin’.

  • gusteaux

    Your reaction to MKJ mirrors what my reaction was to “Eggtown.” For seven days after “Eggtown” aired, I was literally depressed. I felt like the writers/producers had finally, well, LOST it. And then, on the night of the seventh day, “The Constant” arrived and all was right in my world again. Hopefully, “The Shape of Things to Come” will do the same for you. It is a bummer, though, that you’ll have to wait five weeks for redemption of your faith. For what it’s worth, I actually enjoyed MKJ–especially now that we know we’ll get the part of the story we all want to see–what happend between leaving the dock and arriving in NYC–later this season.

  • shannon

    Wow..thanks DocArtz for putting into words that sinkin’ icky feeling I had after the last episode. Everyone else seemed to think it was great…I thought I was alone in my disappointment that Michael & Walt had just re-entered society in 2004 rather than finding out that the coordinates Ben gave Michael put them in the past. I wasn’t sure if the episode sucked, or I was just tainted because I was disappointed. But really the whole thing felt uneven and just…not like LOST. I don’t know. Perhaps it will look better as more pieces fall into place especially since Darlton have promised that there will be an episode to fill in Michael & Walt leaving the island and actually getting back to NY. Here’s hoping.

  • alphasixty

    i’m annoyed by a couple of things. a) that we knew there was a man on the boat at all, and b) we knew michael would be returning this season and c) that we had anticipated for weeks when they would reveal this man on the boat and/or michael, and even assumed michael to be said man on the boat so that when the reveal finally came it was all like “who cares?” B-O-R-I-N-G.

    also, why would Locke want to know exactly “who” the man on the boat was and not just assume it was an other, some character he hadn’t met? why would he assume it was someone worth knowing about?

    Bad writing all around. the writers have gotten sloppy.

  • milo

    Not a great episode, but certainly not even close to the worst of this season much less the worst overall. I think people had unrealistic expectations because it’s the last show before the break and because the ABC promo monkeys overhyped it. I think people weren’t as shocked because they were too spoiled. And I think some disappointment comes from people having elaborate, wacky theories, and they’re pissed they didn’t turn out to be right.
    I’ll agree on Libby, she definitely needs to show up again before the end of the season and find out more of her story. But this wasn’t a bad episode, and I think people will feel that even less when we see the rest of the season and get the remaining details on what happened with Michael and Walt.

  • Joe Garrett

    I hate how everyone expects so much from lost, as if theyre owed something by the show. Lost provided thrilling entertainment week by week that rarely falters in quality.
    Those of you who are disappointed by no “clone” content in the most recent episode are complaining over nothing. None of the lost producers have ever mentioned anything to do with cloning. You are making up your own crap and blaming the producers for not using it.
    Alongside Eggtown and The Constant, this is my favourite episode of the season so far. I found it emotional and interesting. That the creators of lost managed to tell this story without bringing in walt’s growth for me is quite incredible.
    And those of you who constantly nitpick every episode should get over yourselves. Lost is quality television. And – without any nikkis, paulos, strangers in strange lands, or stupid premonitions – season 4 has done nothing but excell.
    So, everyone, calm down. It’s just television. Good television at that. Noone owes you anything. Just enjoy the show. Lost is a cult phenomenom that rarely puts one step wrong. So respect that.

  • SithLord

    I liked MKJ, even though Ive never really liked Michael. I always found him weak and annoying, though he was a good foil for the other characters to play off of.
    There was something very spooky about this episode, and like a lot of LOST episodes, felt there was a lot going on beneath the obvious.
    I think it did capitalize on the themes of S4, but maybe not in ways we’ll understand until the end of the season. I really doubt the writers are going to waste any screentime at this point, and like The Constant, this episode helps lay out the “rules” of the LOST universe, which will no doubt pay off in the future. Some things could be red herrings, or maybe just not as important as they seemed. Bens “man on the boat” was kind of a moot point. Way more important, is the fact that “the island” can influence events off of the island. We’ve never seen this before, or have we……….?
    Ive had a pretty good theory about whats going on for a bit now, and this episode definetly doesnt kill it.
    At least Michael is starting to show some strength, in selflessly trying to help his former friends.