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DocThrotte’s 5×5 – This Place Is Death

By DocThrottle,

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DocThrottle returns with another LOST 5×5.  This time, the doctor is aiming his enumerator at LOST 5.05, This Place is Death! Take it away Doc!

5 Questions.

1. Ok, so what is “The Sickness”?
We know what caused it: Smokie. We know that Rouseau wasn’t crazy when she killed her team. They were really trying to kill her. But why did they/Smokie want her dead? And was Robert telling the truth about that being THE Temple?

2. Is Smokie really just a glorified guard dog?
This episode was the second time (at least) we’ve heard the Monster described as a security system. The first time we heard it described that way was WAY back in Season One. Jack asked her what Smokie was. She called it a security system.

Now that we know she got that information from her sickness-addled lover, I’m less likely to believe it. Especially if he was under the influence or control of the Smoke Monster.

3. What is Faraday’s deal?
I know they’re getting there eventually, but I want to know, now! Was he trying to mess with timelines again by scaring Young Charlotte from ever returning to the island? Why did Charlotte describe Past Faraday as “Creepy”?

4. Why was Charlotte consciousness jumping?
Up to now, everyone’s been physically moving through time. All of a sudden, her body is staying put, but her mind is “away”.

5. How sneaky is ol’ Smokie?
Conning everyone into joining the one-armed guy in the cave, with the voice of that same one-armed guy. Sly dog.

5 Quick Hits

Sun’s “goodbye” to her daughter sounds a lot like “Annyong” from “Arrested Development”

Poor Locke is just not meant to be a “walker”.

3 Creepy Moments: a) Sawyer trying to pull the earth, b) Charlotte’s “THIS PLACE IS DEATH!!”, and c) Jin finding Monty’s arm post-flash.

It was cool seeing the flash come up the well shaft at Locke. Great visual.

This is not what Desmond signed up for.