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Dr. Arzt Remembered

By docarzt,

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No, not me.  I’m still here.  THE Dr. Arzt.  Check it:

  • His dad and brother-in-law are great. Jon Cryer. Urine stains. Wow.

  • The Mantis

    Apparently his cats kept urinating on his Beanie Babies…. That was an awesome video.

  • The_Professor

    They should air this on ABC. It’s great. Love the random Jon Cryer cameo. And the bookie.

    And I should note that, as one of Leslie Arzt’s college professor, the demeanor with which he carried himself, apparently, as a teacher was evident when he was in my classroom. His disgust with my pronounciation of his name on the first day, and his frequent mockery of his fellow students’ comments, all pointed to a…less than promising career in the education field. Didn’t know about the Beanie Babies, though. Huh.

    – The Professor

  • Sheldon

    It was amusing enough, but went on about 3 minutes too long.

  • that was gash.