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Dvd/Blu-ray infos : 20 minutes of additional storyline

By lyly ford,

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An ABC source confirms to me that after Sunday’s series finale, titled “The End,” airs from 9 – 11:30 pm ET/PT, the season six DVD (as well as the complete series collection, out on DVD and Blu-ray August 24) will continue the saga with upwards of twenty minutes of additional storyline.

“It’s in production now,” confirms the source, who couldn’t yet confirm the actual running time of the new scenes. “Damon and Carlton wanted to offer fans answers to additional questions they couldn’t get to in the body of the final show.”

source : tv guide

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  • This is huge news and amazingly awesome.

  • Major FX

    Like I needed another reason to buy the Season 6 blurays.

  • how much is the Blu-ray complete set compared to the DVD complete set?

    • naultz

      about $20 more depending on store and sales

  • I wonder if these scenes will be worked into the finale so that there’s three complete episodes for syndication? Otherwise, they’ll have to whittle the finale down to two hours.

    • Ed Holden

      Probably. Half an hour of TV is really 20 minutes of program, so that number matches well with the finale being three hours long, and the only reason to do that is syndication.

      I wonder what we’ll be missing Sunday night. I bet it’s the bit where Vincent wakes up in the Flight 815 kennel and it was all a dream in his head.

  • dp2

    Will these essentially be deleted scenes, little vignettes like Missing Pieces, or something else, like additional DHARMA videos?

    • dp2

      Also, parse those words carefully. It doesn’t say anything about the 20 minutes being part of the finale episode.

      • imfromthefuture

        Read the post carefully.. it appears that what is in production now is an ADDITONALY twenty minutes.. meaning twenty minutes of lost past the finale scene which will be shown on sunday.

        • milo

          That’s assuming that wording is really accurate. It would be great to get a clarification whether this is deleted scenes or material intended to be *after* the episode ending.

          This could really be anything, hopefully it will be clarified before too long.

        • dp2

          That’s how I read it. Removing the extra information, it say “After the finale, the DVDs will continue the saga with additional storyline”.

  • SharktacO

    Who needs the local news, just add that footage in with the rest and lets take it to 3 hours.

  • milo

    So is this standalone material, like a sort of epilogue? Scenes written for the finale but cut or always intended as separate material? Will it be a separate thing on the DVD or will they have an extended cut of the finale?

    I hate to say it, but this almost sounds more interesting than the finale itself.

    • dp2

      I think you have to ignore that the summary mentions the finale. That really has nothing to do with the additional material.

  • Zonker

    This sounds like what Damon Lindelof described on one of the final podcasts as answering the question about the Dharma supply drops seen in Season 2. He said there was a possibility that question would be answered but not “within the show itself.” So this almost certainly will *not* be a sequel or a 2nd ending taking place after what we watch Sunday night. Heck, maybe its just Eloise Hawking and Pierre Chang talking for 20 minutes about the origins of Dharma and the Others. Exactly what I’d pay money to see and what Cuse & Lindelof have said would be deadly boring to 90% of their audience!

    • Since Damon said that, I’ve expected extra scenes on the DVDs. I’m thinking they’re most likely to be like the Missing Pieces vignettes.

      • Zonker

        I dunno, those teases were good for a weekly jolt of Lost while we were waiting for new episodes (the writers’ strike, wasn’t it?) I’m hoping this is a good 20-minute chunk of content. Seriously, I’d be happy to have it as a Pierre Chang lecture, or a presentation by Richard Alpert to the board of directors at Mittelos Bioscience Inc, or report by Cindy to the last remaining off-island Others, or a conversation between Eloise Hawking and her man at Desmond’s monastery, or…

  • heythereyourself

    Sideways Reality.
    I have a theory on how the Sideways reality will combine with the Island reality. We now know that Desmond is a Fail/Safe for the Island. The last time we saw a fail/safe was in the hatch. If you remember Desmond turned the fail/safe key when John Locke decided he wanted to see what happened when he stopped pressing the button. The result Desmond stop a major catastrophe by turning the key causing the hatch to implode on itself. Maybe you can see where I’m going here, but if you can’t, don’t worry I will explain. I don’t exactly what will happen but I think it can go a couple of different ways.

    Desmond has we’ve seen through the years has a unique gift to float through time conciously. I think this was all set-up to explain what happens next. I think with out knowing it Desmond has the power to control time using the “light.” It has always before been out of his control when it happened, but I think that will all change.

    Locke/MIB now knows what unique power Desmond posses. From here a couple of things could happen. Locke found out from Widmore (“I always have a plan”), whom could have been lying, not about what Desmond is, but how to use him. So in this instance Locke will kill Desmond to posses his power (body) only this will not work the way Locke wants it to. In this scenerio Locke kills Desmond takes possesion of his body and uses Hume to implode the island at the same time leaving the island and going back in time to the moment the plane is suppose to crash on the island in the original timeline. Only this time it doesn’t and our friend the Smoke Monster/MIB/Locke is now Desmond Hume. I know this might sound crazy, but Desmond said something very peculiar in “What they died for.” When Desmond, Sayid, and Kate where locked up in the police truck, he told them “I can get you out, but if I do you gotta do something for me.” Sound fanilar it is exactly what MIB asked of Richard Alpert when he was chained-up in the Black Rock. However none of this is clear until Charlie show Desmond how to “let go”, then Desmond goes on a mission to show all the people from 815, the ones that need to know at least, how to let go. In letting go, as we’ve seen with Hurley, helps them remember what happened on the island. Well in the end of this theory Desmond is gathering all these people at the concert to show them what their last mission is or what they need to do. Which could be either to kill Desmond who is now smoke monster or something to that effect, but I think this is how the timelines will merge. So what we saw in LA X was the begining of the end and the result of what happens at the end of the Island timeline, if that makes any sense.

    The Happily ever after part of this theory is that there is no more work to be done. They kill the smoke monster. Desmond implodes the island and at the same time moves them back to flight 815 pre-crash and onto the Sideway Reality

    • No.

    • Adam

      Yea, I guess you don’t remember illana saying in one of the first episodes this season that smokey is now trapped or locked (no pun intended) in John Lockes body now. He can’t be anyone else anymore.

      • ericd

        Ilana has been wrong before. 😉

  • Jacob!

    No. This footage won’t actually occur in the continuity AFTER the series finale. The end of the finale is the definitive end of LOST. It will be other scenes interspersed throughout season 6.

    It would make no sense to add on an extra ending that takes place AFTER the finale. Think people.

    • Brent

      If the story is correct it clearly says continue the story to get more answers, and its in production now

      • KJJ

        Continuing a story does not mean it has to go forward.

        It’s the Dharma Supply drop.

        • Brandon

          Agreed….Maybe it could feature alvar hanso…who seemed to play a pivotal role in the series and we never even saw him.

          • s.w.a.c.

            The DeGroots’ honeymoon home movies.

    • dp2

      I don’t see where anyone suggested that.

  • Scuba Steve

    Answers I would expect them to provide in these 20 minutes:

    Insert some scene explaining who was involved in the Sawyer and crew outrigger shoot out from last season. My guess is it was Zoe and Widmore in this last episode when they came to the main island. They probably had a few more folks with them, but they got nailed by Sawyer and Juliet’s sharp shooting.

    More on the Others, why they did what they did, who were they really following in the jungle (MIB or Jacob?).

    What were the rules between Widmore and Ben? We know Jacob and MIB had rules, but what were these other rules established for the Others?

    Why did women who were pregnant die on the island?

    I suggest those cause I have a feeling they aren’t getting answered in the finale, there’s no time left.

    • Scuba Steve

      Additional answers that might be completed or answered on these extra minutes (because I am assuming we will get no answers to these questions in the finale):

      As mentioned, the Dharma food drop, who was covering this, and why?

      Who built Tawaret, the Temple, the wall surrounding the temple, the “secreter” room in Ben’s closet.

      What did the ash really do? Why did Bram and others try to use it to protect themselves. Was this related to the ashes outside of Jacob’s cabin, and did that really keep MIB in there? Cause we all saw smokey running loose.

      Who was Bram for that matter? How did he and Illana get all connected into this, how did they know so much, and where did they get their orders from?

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