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Elizabeth Mitchell interview! Possible spoiler alert!

By triangulatedsignal,

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julietTV Guide have printed an interview with Elizabeth Mitchell in which she talks about the Juliet/Sawyer love story, young Ben, the purge and the return of Kate.  Here is a little excerpt for your enjoyment! It seems like these next nine episodes will be a lot to digest.
Mitchell: They will. “LaFleur” was one of those little “eyes of the storm.” You’ve been storming, you’ve been storming, you get to the middle and you’re like, “Oh, it’s not so bad. It’s kind of nice here! I’ll wait around here and take a deep breath.” And then you start right in. It should be pretty exciting. Has it been in the back of Juliet’s head that Kate could return to the island someday?
Mitchell: Yeah, I do think it’s been there. But I also think that at some point in time, because three years is so long, she actually came to believe that maybe this might work. Maybe that came to her just in the last two months before [Kate, Jack et al] showed up, but for the first time in her life there was a grain of hope. So I think that it’s very sad for her.

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  • I really hope, the relationship stands… She finally deserves someone to be together with. All the flipflopping of Jack and Kate and whatnot just isn’t right.

    Juliett is also one is my most favourite characters at the moment (auto mechanic is great^^)

  • clueless1der

    Awwww. Boooo, KATE!

    Although, in all of this Kate is breaking up Suliet stuff, it occurred to me that Juliet and Jack might hook back up. Possibly? Maybe? Now that he’s not screwed-up-jack?

    • triangulatedsignal

      i think juliet deserves better than jack. he seems like a bit of a romantic liability lol. tbh i also think the whole jumping from one to another is starting to get a bit creepy haha

  • Bezmina

    Poor Juliet always having to make do with whoever Kate doesn’t want at that particular moment. Down with Fickle Freckles!

  • iamme

    I agree, it is very sad for Juliet. But I never watched La Fleur and thought “Ooo, Juliet and Sawyer make a great couple!” All I saw was the writers making a point to draw an extreme contrast between Kate and Jack’s relationship off island, and Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship on the island, while Kate and Sawyer were apart for those three years. They both got what they said they never wanted, Kate a man like Wayne, and Sawyer became a mushy sap.

    It’s bad that they keep sacrificing Juliet for the whims of their triangle plot manglings but Kate was the reason Sawyer was even able to discover that he could think of someone before himself. I just want Juliet to get her happy ending, to get off the island and see her sister and finally meet her little nephew who she was mainly responsible for creating.

    • Shane

      I agree that this was a cold, calculating decision by the “boys”- but I think it was because they don’t know what to do in order to acheive the ending that they have been moving towards, which is Kate and Jack. I think their game plan was disrupted (by their own hand) by writing such a beautiful, challenging relationship between Kate and Sawyer and now, they don’t know how to get out of it and still hold onto the fans for each “ship”. However, I do not feel sad for Juliet AT ALL. If you get mixed up with a man who is clearly settling for you, you deserve to get your heart broken. She is nowhere near to being the right person for James Ford and in real life, this rebound affair based on proximity and settling would be over fairly quickly and I hope it ends with as much speed as it took to make me SICK watching them together. Juliet and Jack need to get together and open a practice together.

  • It’s as if a child has two candy bars in front of them and goes for one and just about when she is going to put it in her mouth… she rewraps it and puts it back and goes for the other one. Time and Time again only for the hungry kid who’s been watching and waiting the entire time to see if the other kid will make up her mind and when it finally looks like she settled on which candy she chooses and eats it and delights in it. The other kid assumes well the candy left behind, that has been neglected is up for grabs and just when the kid unwraps it and reveals the delights inside and is about to partake …greedy kid comes from behind and snatches it, discarding the one she already had in her hand

    Seriously I think the writers are going to creat a hateful Kate if not already

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea i totally agree, i dislike kate more and more each season which is a pity because i really like evangeline in real life. they have taken away a lot of what made kate the strong character she was. she turned from a tough independant woman into a indecisive hussy haha!!

      • dtruth

        I don’t think the writers care whether they create a hateful Kate or not. That is a problem for whichever fan chooses to take things so personally. I like Kate. I like Sawyer. I like Juliet. However, I was highly amused by some fans that actually believed La Fleur. I mean, come on! How long have we been watching this show? La Fleur was clearly to show the diff with SNBH. It showed similarities too. They were all living a lie. The simple truth and almost fact, is that the pairing of Sawyer and Juliet is just another obstacle for Sawyer and Kate to overcome. I can not imagine even in my comatose dreams, that this show will end with those 2 as the OTP. A simple reflection on the backstory they have told so far, will reveal to most, that Sawyer and Kate for all their faults, problems and so on, belong together and will most likely end up together. As I have said before. Juliet is cursed. She is always the other woman. Even EM acknowledges that in her TV guide interview “Juliet is not unaware of what Kate means to Sawyer”. She did not say “meant” She said “mean”.

        No sensible adult woman goes into a relationship with a man you believe is inlove with someone else believing that your relationship will last forever. Especially when you know he has been waiting 3 years on the Island for that person to come back. Yes, you’ve created something in the meantime and it’s working and you can hope, but to think you will both live happily ever after is naive at best and foolish at worst. It’s unfortunate for Juliet but this is the story of her life and she is just going to have to carry on.

        Bring on the Sawyer and Kate angst. Any more Sawyer/Juliet sweetness and the pulse rate of many all over the world(it’s a global show as we all know) will start to go faint.

        • Shane

          dtruth does speak it- d truth. Although I still beleive that Darlton’s aim is to bring on a Kate and Jack ending, I do not feel at all sorry for Juliet and these attempts by Suliters to rewrite history are failing. Its not Juliet that has made James the man he is today, it was loving Kate and her seeing the good in him, while accepting him for who he really is and was, as he did with her. She saw the best in him and he finally did as well, because he opened his heart to her. Nothing is going to change that, and just as in real life, these people can make do, and rebound and try to stifle what they feel all they want- it does not change who really moves your soul and for James and for Kate, it will always be one another. Anything else is just ………..settling.

  • i think lizzie made mistake about the purge and ben’s agelol
    he was at least 30 years old

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea presuming ben is in his forties now, the purge being 1992 would have put him in his thirties at the time lol

    • Uncle Beaver

      I noticed that right away.

      When do we think Ben was born? December 19th, 1961 to 1963, right?

      So if the “PURGE” happened in 1992, he was 29-31 years old at the time. So he was in his early 40’s during most of his On-Island screen time (2004). Now 3 years later, he’s probably 43-46 years old.