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Elizabeth Mitchell on Jimmy Kimmel (mild spoiler)

By triangulatedsignal,

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Elizabeth Mitchell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote the 100th episode of Lost, and was her usual charming self.

Looking gorgeous, she talked about her son, her thoughts on her relationship with Sawyer, what lies in store for her character this season and next, and teases us by talking about the new show ‘V’ she is ‘appearing’ in.

Source : YouTube

  • martin

    sneak peeks are up at darks

    • neoloki

      should we be promoting another site? just curious.

      • JimDD

        Does it really matter? Aren’t we ALL Lost fans? This BS needs to stop.

        BTW that website is if anyone is curious.

  • Maryann

    She is so adorable!! Pretty too!

  • JJStrange

    Yes she is so adorable!

  • neoloki

    WOW, she live across the bay from me and we are about the same age. Uhmmm, can you say stalker? LOL. just kidding. She is beautiful and sweet.

    I didn’t think that she would get killed off because of V. I hope she is around next season. I am gunna say she will be.

    • Seabiscuit

      I keep having to remind myself that this bubbly, cheerful lady is the same person who plays cool, calculating Juliet. Hats off to a talented lady!

      • triangulatedsignal

        yea im always amazed when i see her in interviews, her whole persona is so different, she seems so light or something lol

        • ashleyb

          Same with Michael Emerson. He’s so friendly and bubbly in interviews.

  • Shane

    Well they already confirmed that she will be on next season (LOST has confirmed I should say) but that could be one show, many shows, or in a flashback/forward way.
    Yes Elizabeth is pretty- but I am still hoping that Juliet dies because the painful, horrible, charisma-of-watching-paint-dry relationship between she and Sawyer is excruciating.

    • Seabiscuit

      Word. Except for the Juliet dying part, I want her to live.

    • stonersteve

      never been in a real relationship then? its ok, you’ll understand one day

    • Paolo Nikki

      Oh puh-leez. The Sawyer/Juliet relationship is great. It’s two people who would never otherwise get together that have grown to love each other out of a connection that only exists because they share information no one else knows. It’s fantastic, mature, and complex. And Elizabeth is a great actor with extremely expressive eyes. How anyone could find that excruciating is beyond me.