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E!’s Kristin Put Damon on the Record RE Post Strike Lost

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From Today’s E! –

damon_lindelof[1].jpgExecutive Producer Damon Lindelof Says:
  “Indeed, it would appear that we are in the endgame of the strike. Personally, I couldn’t be more psyched to be part of this union. Like any negotiation, some parts suck and some parts surpassed my wildest expectations for what we could accomplish, but most of all I’m left with a feeling of pride.

“As for Lost (pending the actual lifting of the strike, which we vote for on Tuesday), a game plan should begin to manifest by the end of the week. All I can say is that Carlton and I and the rest of the writers have every intention of making sure you guys get more episodes this season beyond the eight already completed. How many and how they will be aired is a conversation we’ll be having with our bosses, but as soon as we’ve got a plan, we’ll tell the fans first.”


Kristin also has info on a bunch of other shows like Heroes, Chuck, Etc.  Check it out here.

  • Shaun

    Cool… Damon, on the off chance you’re reading this, PLEASE get all eight remaining episodes on the air this season as originally planned. It makes no sense for ABC to not want to a full order of one of their biggest shows, and I’m worried that if you produce fewer than intended that those will be episodes we’ll never get back. Besides, think what a paltry set of DVDs Season 4 will be if it’s only 11-14 episodes!

    Run the season into the summer months, or do a break after the first eight and do the other eight in fall (meaning a shorter break until season 5!). Either way, I think the fans will be happy.

    PS – So far, so great on Season 4! You guys rock!

  • gusteaux

    Okay, if we’re making pleas to Damon and Carlton, here’s mine:

    Please give us as many episodes this season as possible WITH NO BREAK. You have said that the first 8 (which so far have been amazing) are merely setup for the second 8. I want the full impact without another hiatus.

    One thing I’ve never been clear on is: when it was decided that there would be 48 more episodes, did this include three two-hour season finales? Or would eps 15 and 16 of each remaing season aired back to back on the same night make up the 48. More simply, was it going to be 48 more hours (sans 15 minutes of commercials, of course) or 51 more hours?

    And you guys do indeed ROCK! Namaste.

  • milo

    I doubt they’d do another “pod” in the fall.

    My guess is about 13 or 14 this spring, who knows if they’d move the planned events of the finale up a couple episodes or just end in a different spot. With the tight schedule, I wouldn’t mind a break of a week or two if that’s needed to get the episodes done. I just hope that if they lose a couple episodes this season, they add them back to the next two.

    Whatever they do, this spring is sure to be a mad scramble.