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EST Live Lost Chat – 6.16 “What They Died For”

By Koobie,

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We now have not one, but two live episode chats! This chat is for EST viewers and will open 30 minutes before show time. Come join our chat for the last hour-long episode of the series!

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  • Gusteaux

    I truly love Lost and I hate to be negative. This could have been a magnificent episode…if they hadn’t fouled one of the series most classic and revelatory scenes. Remember the climatic scene at the end of “The Shape of Things to Come” in Season 4? The classic scene where Ben steals into the bedroom of Widmore’s London apartment to inform him that he’s going to kill Penney because Charles (via Keamy) killed Alex? You know, the scene where Ben and Charles agreed that THEY COULD NOT KILL EACH OTHER BECAUSE IT WAS AGAINST THE RULES!!! Thank’s for ruining that by totally contradicting it tonight when Ben KILLED Widmore. Totally disgusted.

    • Beena

      With Jacob dead (who I assume made those rules for Ben and Charles), all bets were off and Ben saw his opportunity. Stop and think before becoming so easily discouraged. A lot of the questions and things people say haven’t been resolved, have in fact been resolved. This has always been a show where you have to think about things in order to reflect and process them. It’s not going to be any different now.

      • Gusteaux

        From Lostpedia: Late at night in London, Ben emerges from a taxi and enters a building. He tricks the doorman, claiming to be heading to visit a Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick in apartment 4E, but instead picks the elevator lock to enter the penthouse suite. The penthouse belongs to Charles Widmore. Ben makes his way into his bedroom and Charles wakes up. Ben inquires as to when Widmore started sleeping with a bottle of scotch by the bed. Widmore replies, “When the nightmares started.” Charles asks Ben if he has come to kill him. Ben says “we both know I can’t do that.”

        • ErasedSlate

          It’s like Michael… When the island was done with him, he could die. Widmore fulfilled his purpose, bringing Desmond. Ben killed him after he revealed what he brought to the island, knowing that island was done with him.

      • Nikki’s Perfect Curves

        This episode sucked, like all of season 6. Way to go, writers.

    • berdugo75

      I beg to differ. Ben sold his soul to the island, so the rules no longer apply to him. I can almost guarantee that Flocke will kill him once he doesn’t need him. Killing that Tina Fey wannabe was short and sweet!

      It kind of bugged me that Richard died the way he did…or did he?

  • Gusteaux

    You are both speculating. I’m going by what occured onscreen.

    • killer_rabbit

      Darlton said a few times that they would leave somethings open to interpretation. This is one of them. Sometimes its cool to go beyond what happens on screen and read between the lines…no need to be disgusted.

  • Crap, did they just give Richard a redshirt death?

  • spacebender

    Outstanding episode, recapped beautifully in this blog entry by Jopinionated!

  • milo

    I don’t know that that was a rule between Ben and Widmore or more just a gentleman’s agreement. Or it’s possible that the rules had changed. Didn’t really bother me.

    I thought this was probably the best episode this season and one of my favorites of the series. After last week I was pretty down and worried about how they’d end it – I’m still resigned to the likelihood that we will get few answers, but if the ending is awesome enough I may not care.

  • milo

    And I’m not convinced that Richard is dead, seems like they left it intentionally vague. Same with Lapidus although at this point it’s probably less likely we’ll see him again.