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Doc Jensen gives a shout out this week to Roomforhuman and this blog for his efforts on linking the ‘Great Divorce’ to Charlotte Lewis.  Look for this and other answers from the “Magic 8 Ball” on page two.

Do love clue hunts? Doc Jensen gives us one this week.  Five phrases that are anagrams.  Decipher the phrase, get the clue.  I will post my answers in the comments.

Here is a tease for this week’s cheat sheet found on page three:

  • Gravity’s Rainbow
  • Mobile Homes
  • New Otherton
  • Nadia
  • Mittelos Bioscience
  • Maxwell’s Demon (this is a great theory btw)

Doc Jensen’s Article: Lost: Decode the Clues

Roomforhuman Article: ‘Great Divorce’ theory