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Faraday’s Mother

By imfromthepast,

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I had a really cool theory about Charles Widmore that got scooped recently because I dragged my feet in posting it, so I’m going to get this one out there as soon as I can.

Here it is:

I know who Faraday’s mother is! Yes, yes, I realize everyone suspects it’s Mrs Hawkings, but I have some indirect proof. Not to mention if I’m right, this sheds some light on the white-haired lady’s back story.

Remember the Constant last season? Desmond goes to Faraday’s lab where he is putting a little rat through a maze. The rat’s name? Eloise. I figure this is the name of Faraday’s mother, you know, because why wouldn’t Faraday name a rat after his mom?
This would be just useless guess work were it not for the popups during The Lie last night. One of the popups identified the white-haired lady as Eloise Hawkings. Aha! So if Mrs Hawkings does turn out to be Faraday’s Mom, then I was right that he named the rat after her.

And if so, big deal! So he named his rat after his mother, why would this merit an entire article?

Because, the blond Other that captured the Freighter Trio and led Faraday to Jughead was named Ellie.

As in Elloise?

Is Ellie Faraday’s Mom? Maybe. What if she is? We can gleen several interesting bits of information from this one fact. This would mean that, like Widmore, Ellie somehow ends up banished from the Island and grows old. Like Widmore, she is a former Other. It is also worth mentioning that she witnessed Faraday vanishing after telling her that he was from the future. That could have sparked her evident interest in time travel.

It is also note-worthy that Faraday mentioned that she looked like a woman he knew. Coming after the revelation that Faraday left that girl in a coma, we were clearly meant to assume he was talking about her, but I would submit he was talking about his Mom.

So, what do you think?

  • DarthVibbert

    that’s exactly what I was thinking

    • Amber

      When I realized Mrs. Hawkings first name and the island girls name I started thinking the same thing, but I didn’t make the rat connection. Good job!

  • imfromthepast

    What I like most about this angle is it reveals a trend by the writers of tying loose ends.

    This show started off being about the Island, and then we start getting all these other factions, your Widmores, your white-haired time cops, etc.

    But now these are all turning out to be former island dwelling Others trying to return.

  • hyperRevue

    I agree. 100%

  • cubelost

    wow! dude! this season theories are awesome, everything make sense except for one thing, if all this time travel indicates that everything already happen, and richard go to the hospital when jhon born, just because locke told him to do it. so why desmond didn’t recognize daniel in the future, at least he could say, i think i meet you before, or something like that. I DONT KNOW! I love time travel histories, where everything happens for a reason, but maybe this isn´t lost case, who knows?

    • hyperRevue

      It’s very hard to explain. But Desmond didn’t recognize Daniel when they met in the “future” because Dan hadn’t gone back in time yet and met him. It’s like the past event hadn’t happened yet even though it’s in the past. Confusing but it makes sense in my head.

      • professorstotch

        I’m with you on this. I understand what you mean, makes sense in my head too.

      • hyperRevue

        As far as how the Des/Daniel thing relates to Locke/Alpert…we don’t know on what “timeline” we saw Alpert visit Locke as a kid. Maybe it was in the “future past,” for lack of a better term.

        I’m really having a hard time putting this into words.

        • ThePilot

          Whenever Desmond came out of the hatchhe didnt recognise faraday, because faraday hadnt yet went back in time to change the future…
          So that timeline was when richard had visited john in the hospital because john told him to, and when faraday HADNT changed the past yet. So when faraday changes the past, the events rearranged around the original timeline, Desmond remembered, and things went on… its sounds confusing to me too lol

    • sucko

      desmond is an exception because of what happened when he turned the failsafe key. as darlton said after the constant, when he first traveled back in time, desmond changed the past.

      • Yeah, Daniel might have looked familiar to Desmond the first time we saw them meet, but with all Desmond had been through, why would he find that unusual or say anything about it? I personally didn’t think they were trying to say that anything changed at all when Daniel talked to Desmond in the past.

        • imfromthepast

          my gut tells me that in general events that happen in the past, by their definition happen before events that happen in the present or future, despite what ever shenannegins caused them.
          This would mean that all of the actions that the Left Behinders perpetrate while flashing to the past have always happened. Including Daniel Faraday’s visit to Desmond.
          Desmond visited Faraday in Oxford during a very trippy point in his life. Its no wonder he barely recognizes Daniel on the Island. I meet people sometimes that I barely recognize later if I come across them in unusual circumstances.
          So Daniel’s visit with Desmond doesn’t indicate a change.

          However, Desmond’s sudden memory of the visit taking place immediately after the event happens on the show seems to indicate a direct corrolation, but think about it.

          That was just the order that the scenes were being shown in for our benefit. That means nothing. No more than the order that flashbacks and Island story is told in a conventional episode.

          Its like suggesting that Locke should have suddenly been rendered cripple immediately following the scene where his father pushed him out the window.

          • Corey Gabriel

            The memory was implanted in Desmond’s present mind at the time Faraday met him in the past on the island. It wasn’t a memory until it happened in the past.

      • Dave Thompson

        I don’t think Desmond changed the past.

        He implanted a thought in Penny’s memories and she remembered it around December 24th 2004 so she waited for his call.

        So he actually changed the present.. if he tried to have her prevent him from going to the Island, it wouldn’t have worked… I think that’s one of the rules of time travel.

  • professorstotch

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually find out that before they were on the plane, all 815ers had connections to the island some how. It wasn’t Desmond who brought the plane down. The island some how brought them all together and and caused the plane to crash.

    Maybe parental connections? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

  • ErasedSlate

    anybody wanna lay bets on Penny and Daniel being siblings?

  • This is a great theory! My only real problem with it is the differing accents. I thought Ellie sounded Australian. Maybe I’m just crazy. I need to watch it again!

  • Mike

    I think that when Desmond turned the failsafe key that somehow set off the H-Bomb that Faraday told the others to bury in 1950.

    • hyperRevue

      I think turning the failsafe kept the H-bomb from going off (if it had gone off, the Island would have blown up). I think the button kept it from going off and it would have gone off had Des not turned the failsafe.

      • matt

        I don’t think the h-bomb has anything to do with the hatch. why would the dharma initiative set up a station that could kill them all? Also, every time they almost didn’t put in the numbers it was like a giant magnet went off. An h-bomb wouldn’t be magnetic.

  • hyperRevue

    Also – was Dan’s girlfriend (the girl in the bed) suffering from conscious-time-travel? Is that why she’d “come back” thinking she was 3 years old or something?

    • Alaine

      I believe her name is Theresa Spencer (Dan’s girlfriend in the bed). I was also thinking that Theresa was “unstuck in time.” My question is, does Theresa have a constant? She must if she moves in time, but suffers none of the symptoms Desmond, Minkowski (on the freighter)and now Charlotte are experiencing.

  • hyperRevue

    And please forgive me for re-posting this here. But it’s stuck in my head and I want to see what others think of it.


    Okay, Alpert gives John the compass in the future. In 1954, Locke gives it back to Alpert. Then a few years later, Alpert goes to visit a young Locke and lays all the items out to see if he recognizes the compass. Locke doesn’t and Richard gets upset and leaves.

    So, Alpert thinks the compass belonged to Locke, but wasn’t it originally Alpert’s? Is that why Locke doesn’t recognize it? Maybe it’s Alpert that is misinformed and the knife really is Locke’s (since we know he likes his knives).

    • Bjohn

      You have to go back and rewatch the episode. Locke actually did choose the compass. He chose the vial, the compass and the knife. So he did remember it.

      • hyperRevue

        Ah. Dammit!

        You’re right. Sorry.

        • Bjohn

          And everyone seems to think that when Locke chose the knife, he got it wrong and Richard got angry. I think he chose correctly and Richard realized that Locke was supposed to be the leader… he left in a hurry. (to go back)

          • recoil

            I think that when Richard asks Locke if he is sure about the knife (vs. the book of law), he is checking to see if something has happened in the future.

            At that point, Richard may have only met John two times (once on the Island in 1954 and the other when he went to verify his birth). If he and Lock have another conversation – in any timeline – Richard may be looking for Locke to have selected the book as a form of verification, like the compass.

  • What I found interesting was the way Elle choked up a bit when she said “What did you just say?” right after Faraday told her he was from the future. It was as though she had somehow heard of time travel before and didn’t believe it, or at least didn’t want to. I’m not sure how much further I can stretch a theory from that, but it seemed to me to be a significant reaction, and not the look of “are you crazy?” you’d expect had it been the first she’d heard of time travel.

    • imfromthepast

      She has clearly sided with the Vulcan Science Ministry.

  • DT

    The island has definitely been moved before. I believe the “incident” was when Dharma turned the wheel. They would not have known what was gonna happen so they used a polar bear, the one Charolette found in the desert. In the Swan Orientation video Dr. Chang says the station was built for electromagenetic research because of strong EM fields at that location. What if those were caused by the Others burying the Bomb there. Not to say the bomb itself is causing the EM but it and the island together could be causing weird EM at that location. He then says that since the “incident” the 108 minute protocol has been inacted. I bet that stopped the time skips but left them with an issue, some kind of rift in space/time giving off EM. The 108 minute protocol was to release that EM in small amounts. We saw that not releasing it was strong enough to pull the plane down. Maybe the failsafe was to detonate the bomb and ,this is just guessing, that sealed the rift permenatly. Which would explain why they did not just turn the failsafe to begin with, the bomb needed to leak away some of its power or the whole island may have been destroyed.

  • KeepingAwake

    O I love that idea! Great interpretation!

  • Spoon

    I agree, but take it one step further. Eloise Hawking is his mother, and is the same as the Elly in the 1950s island, but she is also the mother of the invalid Ellie that Daniel left behind. Look closely at the faces, he was referring to her I think when he mentioned the resemblance (resemblance because they are mother daughter at about the same age).

    • hyperRevue

      Do we know the name of the girl in the bed?

      • b


  • Trencher

    A strange thought (and perhaps a totally irrelevant one) appeared to me after last nigts ep. Because one of the very first things we see is Penny having her baby… and the very next thing: a scene when DEsmond’s and Penny’s child is already 3 years old or even more. This seemed pretty… fast for me in terms of storytelling. So i wondered why it was important at this point in time to bring this little element in. And after all this parent-child theories here (i love ALL of them)… I wonder if it is a planned distraction when we believe that young charles widmore is on the island. because I just realized that penny’s and desmond’s child is also named… charlie (widmore?)! And although it would make sense that the guy on the island was charles widmore sen. (regarding recently posted theories)… I just want to keep in mind that the emotional name-giving to charlie widmore jun. could open up the possibility of yet another misleading trace… just a thought…

  • b

    Mrs. Hawking. Not Hawkings. Hawking.

    Like Stephen Hawking, the guy who wrote “A Brief History of Time”.

    No S.

    You would think a fan site like this would get it right…

    • imfromthepast

      You are absolutely right. I am loading the gun to kill myself right now.

    • Rick

      wow dude .. take your meds

      • imfromthepast

        who, me?

  • The Mantis

    Kinda thought ny now that this was very, very obvious….

  • Landry B.

    I think that the theory about Ellie from the island being Daniel’s mother is correct…it would make sense…due to the fact that he said that he seemed to recognize her from somewhere…also, I think that Widmore is his father…however, I am still lost on what roll Theresa (or whoever the incapacitated woman in England under the care of Widmore) plays in all this…

  • Gusteaux

    To “b”:
    Before you try to embarass someone, make sure it’s not yourself. Her name is Ms. Hawking. Not Mrs. Ms. No R. You would think a fan like yourself would get it right…

  • YBScottish

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a scene in Back to the Future where Marty McFly is busted for staring at his mom from the past, much like Ellie busts Faraday for staring at her?


    The way I see it:

    – Penny and Desmonds baby isn’t anyone we know. It’s just an homage to either Charlie (on the island) who saved his life or Charles Widmore. I think the former since neither Desmond or Penny are on good terms with Widmore.

    – The blond haired woman is absolutely Daniel’s mother. And Ellie (the soldier who captured the trio in 1954) is definitely his mom… who met charles widmore there and had Daniel at some point.

    – Now we know why ben and widmore are at each other’s throats… they both have a history with the island

    – Richard Alpert for sure visited Locke throughout his childhood at Lockes invitation we now know.

    – Daniel and Elle (sick girl) could be siblings or they could be past lovers…thus bringing the hawkings (sp?) and widmore family together (i.e. Charles widmore paying for elles care). Widmore could “feel” responsible for his son’s actions of galavanting this girl in and out of time. I don’t know…

    THis show is amazing but I am happy to see it end next year because i want answers!!

    • imfromthepast

      The sick girl’s name was Theresa, not Elle

  • Mrs. Alpert

    So Charles Widmore (Penny’s dad)was in line to be the leader of the others, until Richard discovered Ben (remember, he thinks Ben stole the island from him?). If Richard = the pachan lama (sp)then Charles was the dalai lama, who was surpassed by Ben and then Locke.

    Eloise had contact with Desmond before (when he was unstuck in time) he tried to buy a ring from her and she told him that he couldn’t…. Daniel is relying on her memory of who Desmond is to cut through the “strange guy telling me my son is stuck on a time traveling island” bit. She knows that Desmond knows about the island and time travel… She will trust him and the information he gives. Eloise is Mrs. Hawking.

  • Simon

    Faradays mom sold Desmond the wedding ring for Penny.

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