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Finally – A Spoiler Free Main-street

By docarzt,

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Hopefully this is good news for all of you!  There are now NO spoilers on the mainstreet of the site.  There ARE spoilers in the feed, but I’ve removed the excerpts so they are ‘title only’.  Furthermore, we’re going to stick with a format of DATE ONLY in spoiler post titles.  IE:

“LOST Season 5 Spoiler Update 9/08/2009 – Episode 5.02”

All of this is to address feedback from you guys, so if you feel this is insufficient, please let me know.  I’d consider busting my Spoiler feed into a separate feed if it is what you guys want.

If you want to see spoilers, they are hidden on the left hand nav bar of the front page. Since I’m still working on the new article page the site will look more or less old school on the inside.  I expect to update that later.

More features coming sooner than later.  Keep your eyeballs open. 

  • rob

    doc, i hope you didnt do that because people were whining about seeing the spoilers on the home page. thats one of the main reasons i look to your site. dont get me wrong, ill still check here for my spoiler info and dont mind following the nav bar to read those spoilers. i think its just silly that people get their panties in such a bunch over being exposed to a brief synopsis of your spoilers (are cast additions really considered spoilers?). im one to believe that if you dont want to read them, scroll down. you know what im sayin? keep up the good work doc.

  • DocArzt

    Actually, they are still there. The box right below the login box, if you click on “click here” it will expand and you’ll see the spoilers. After tomorrow, I’ll have the article page updated with that info as well. Hopefully this change will make EVERYBODY happy.


    GREAT news! That leaves me free to come here during the season, which I usually don’t do.

  • james

    Just please update us if you add a separate spoiler feed, since that’s how I get all of my updates from your site. I do appreciate that you still stay away from the meatiest of spoilers.

  • milo

    Good call, thanks for doing this. This site has tons of great info and it would be a shame if there was no way to visit the site to get the non-spoiler stories without seeing spoilers in the headlines. I’m not sure exactly what the feed is going to have, hopefully you’ll use a similar headline to the main page (date only instead of the nature of the spoiler) instead of actually posting the spoiler headline. Us RSS folks want the option of avoiding spoilers as well.

  • DocArzt

    There will be a spoiler feed. I’m working on it and it should be available later.

  • Awesome! Thanks!

  • That’s very good news, I actually started to steer clear of your site since all the spoilers came in. So I’m really glad I can now safely incorporate into my daily surfing routine once again, thanks! 🙂

  • Steve

    Sorry…don’t like the new layout. Change it back and I will personally mail you a check for one billion dollars.