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Lost ARG – Find 815 For Dummies – Just the videos

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dummies.jpgOkay.  Find 815 has been officially announced as five weeks of game-play, a seemingly tame ARG that is, so far, at worst an interactive ‘prequel’ episode.  The information is canon.  Seriously folks, the game is easy and fun and you should play it to help pass the time.  But for those who can’t bare to do it, welcome to find 815 for Dummies.

What I will do here is collect the videos from each session and post them.  Assuming the story is going to be told with clips only,  You’ll be able to follow the ‘story’ without playing the game.  I’ve also discovered a “Secret” video that did not appear in tonight’s stream.  Did I accidentally nab something from tomorrows session?  Let’s hope not!  I’ll tack that on at the end.

BEWARE.  If you are playing the game, these videos should be treated as spoilers.  They will reveal what happens when you pass each segment!

Click on Through for the Videos!

And… The Outtake?