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Lost – Find 815 For Dummies – Pack Sam’s Backpack Part Deux – A New Secret Word!

By docarzt,

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Thumbnail image for dummies.jpgIt seems Pack Sam’s BackPack, in all of it’s alliterative glory, has touched down on the other side of the pond in Australia.  When I first found out it was at I thought for sure it would not yield anything new.  After all, it looked exactly the same.  After playing it through however, I found a new secret word waiting on the other side!   If you need some help you can check out my walkthrough below, and if you really really want to go the Find 815 For Dummies Route, I’ll give you the word below through the link…


There you have it, secret word #2: Abaddon.  Smart money is that this will be the password for when it reopens tonight, for now I can’t figure out what to do with it.  If anybody finds anything… let me know.