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Lost ‘Find 815’ For Dummies Part 2 – Sam’s Backpack Walkthrough

By docarzt,

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Here is the exciting second chapter to “Find 815 for Dummies,”  taking the ‘g’ out of ARG. has added a piece to the puzzle with the game “Pack Sam’s Bacpack.”  Aside from being an alliterative nightmare of a title, it’s a little spatial puzzle you have to solve to get a secret ‘clue.’

You’re no good at these things you say?  My first suggestion:  try harder.  Second,  watch my groovy walk through video and it’ll be easy like Sunday morning, even on Monday afternoon.

Read on and remember, Find 815 for dummies contains spoilers for the game.  If you proceed, don’t whine to me about how I spoiled your game experience.  I’m playing and you should too.

  • “try harder.” LOL. I thought it was fun. Pretty easy game, but still fun.