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lost – Find 815 – Our Finds Are so Cool, They Can’t be Real!

By docarzt,

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Movie_00_(Find-815)0002362.gifIt seems that some seekers are of the mindset that if they can’t find a clue someone else found, it must not be real.  Hence the recent crops of disparaging remarks about “The Man in the Glitch” not being real, which he begs to differ.  So I figured it was time to take some of the seekers back to school for some basic video examination 101.  Without further ado, the much needed Walkthrough:



Youtube is coming soon, but I reccomend the hires DIVX:

Basic Video Walkthrough by DocArzt

Download. Watch.  Learn.

(Props to Koobie for the original find and flash downloading software reccomendations) 


  • bravo sir. I am such a noob, plus I’m poor so I couldn’t afford half the software you use for this stuff.

  • Dusk

    Aw, OWNED!

  • Teena

    hey, good vid πŸ™‚
    You say the frame doesn’t show at the website. I could find the frame at though. it is there, but its very hard to stop it in the right time πŸ˜‰
    But good work in doing this vid a showing everyone πŸ˜‰

  • It’s just too bad that you even had to put up a post like this!

  • jonny

    he kinda looks like Berry Pepper

  • Stagmo

    I posted this in the original post but I don’t know if anyone has gone back to look at that one so tell me what you think:

    It looks like Will Traveler from the show Traveler (actor named Aaron Stanford) Correct me if I’m wrong?

  • k_cat

    hmmmm i’m not sure any of these guys are our mystery man. aaron stanford looks a bit like him, but this guy looks older. he’s more deep set around the eyes.

  • Dusk

    The actor looks Australian. All the actors in this probably are.

  • SpOOky

    Good Vid Doc, I’m sure people will find it helpful.

    I think my Movie files source was ABC (I want sent it from a trusted source to check out)

    That might explain Why the frame in question was not present when I checked it.

    That Is why I posted that I was “Inclined to think” it was fake.

    So when I stated that I didn’t see the frame, I honestly didn’t.

    My Mistake was not knowing there were 2 versions of the movie, that were not the same, and aslo not taking the time to look at who the source of the find was and asking you/them direct

    It was not my process of looking for clues πŸ˜‰

    I did choose my words carefull saying I was “Inclined to think” Not state it as a fact because my intention was not to Insult anyone, But just give my opinion on the find.

    anyway Im big enough to admit when I make a mistake, As I did over at DarkUfo & Now here πŸ™‚

    BTW: I felt your comment about at the end of your Vid saying that people like Myself & Dark UFO should go back to the drawing board and learn how to look for clues a shade Insulting πŸ™

    If you ever happen by the forum, Maybe you might like to check out my Careful Observations thread, I think it will show you that I don’t need any education on how to find clues-frames-connections πŸ˜‰

    Side Note:

    1 suggestion I would like to add to your Vid is when searching episodes if you have an episode as an avi a Very handy tool for searching the episode is a FREE tool called “Virtualdub”

    You can change the frame rate & view the ep at any speed, there is a slider bar so you can scroll through the file at will and a button to move a single frame at a time

    It also allows you to Zoom/enlarge frames for a closer look, then When you want to extract a frame you can output any frame to your clipboard and paste it into an art tool like MSpaint or Photoshop.

    (No need to export huge numbers of frames)

    Virtualdub also allows you to extract audio as a wav file

    It dose so much more $ Is very simple to use, For those who have lost as avi files VirtualDub well worth checking out.

    All the best Doc, Keep up the good work.


  • DocArzt

    Spooky: it was more of a sarcastic wink. Sorry it came across as insulting.

  • SpOOky

    Np Doc, Atleast this little event has lead to me visitng your site πŸ™‚
    I dont ternd to venture any farther than the 48 forums and Dark’s site.

    We all share one common goal to learne as much as possible and be as well Informed(about this show that we love) as we can. πŸ™‚

    Once again, Sorry for my mistake, keep up the good work.

  • Samfishercell

    I also think it looks a lot like Aaron Stanford from ‘Traveler’

    In a related incident – SCREW YOU, abc, for horribly mismanaging Traveler and sending it to an early grave. You kill Traveler, yet give life to Cavemen? Someone deserves to get fired.

  • roomforhuman

    I agree. ABC should have at least saved Traveler and aired it in the 2007 fall season. They basically just gave up on what I thought was a very entertaining show.

    But, hey, mad props to ABC for taking a chance on what’s now the greatest show of our time…LOST!