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Finding Lost Rewatch: Season 1

By Nikki Stafford,

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7b42b2f417-4021-4a45-ba9c-56f888ec0da57dimg100Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I just wanted to let you know that in addition to Astro Jones’s fabulous rewatch that he’s hosting here, I’m hosting a second rewatch that’s about 3 weeks behind his over on my second blog, which you can find here. I’ve been putting up a separate post for each episode, and you can jump in and comment on any ep you’d like.

In this week’s rewatch, Sayid meets Rousseau for the first time in “Solitary” (much of our discussion has been about the comparisons between her story and what Jin sees unfold in “This Place Is Death”); Claire is warned no one else should raise her baby in “Raised by Another” (uh oh, Kate…); Jack remembers the day he cost Daddy his job in “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues,” and Kate goes to great lengths to salvage a tiny piece of her childhood in “Whatever the Case May Be.”

Come on over and join us; we’re quickly finding out by revisiting the old episodes just how extraordinary this show was from the very beginning.

To read older episodes, scroll down the lefthand side of the page and you’ll see the full list there.  I hope to see you there, and a huge thanks to DocArzt for letting me post it here.