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  • Hey, that’s my copyright! $10 buddy!

  • dd

    Kind of stupid, although I am not sure where I would rate it in a list-of-stupid involving Doc Jensen, Vozzek, and Fishbisquit.

    • Doc Jensen, Fishbisquit, Me and Vozzek. I hope that helps! 🙂

      • dd

        I don’t think you’re stupid. The cartoon is just kind of tasteless. I thought Jack’s flash-sideways was really cathartic for his character.

        • Charlie’s Ghost

          i’m with the piece of art above. we’ve spent 5 seasons building mysteries around one timeline. although the alternate timeline shows interesting stories and reveals character flaws that we already knew existed, its really about the on-island timeline. this alternate timeline seems like the writers’ way of filling space while the rest pans out. are they really out of things to write about on-island?

          • dd

            You really don’t know how these things are going to play out. Just be a little patient.

          • GeigerCounter

            Darlton promised the flashsideways would matter in the end. I’m guessing the time lines will collide somehow. Just look at how Jack is having deja vus. The business with the appendectomy scar was very exciting. Spend more time watching the show and less time doing supposedly funny pictures that are untrue.

          • Let me just say that I know Darlton promised that the FSs have a purpose and I have faith in their storytelling. However in the meantime, I personally find them boring and could do without them. Until such time that they start to feel relevant to me I will hold the opinion presented in the TOON.

            Besides a TOON illustrating the deja-vu and soul-healing catharthsis allegedly happening in the FSs would hardly be funny.

        • “Tasteless”? I don’t know about that. You might not think it’s funny, but it’s not like Jack was painting in the nude or anything.

          Actually, that would have been much funnier…

          • That would have been funnier! And – I am with you – I find them boring, as well. I want to know what is happening on the island.

    • dduh

      Why must you be a complete dick, dd? Let’s see YOU do something as witty. Personally, I love imfromthepast’s cartoons.

      • hey now, go easy on dd.
        Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have mine, as expressed in the TOON, and dd has his, as expressed by his comment. If I can post a TOON that expresses my distaste of the Flashsideways he can certainly post a comment that expresses an opposing view.
        Besides, it’s not as if I have been tactful and delicate with others whose opinions differed from mine. 🙂 My ego can withstand nay-sayers.

      • JJ

        All the guy does is come here to insult everyone’s contributions to the site. The guy is bitter and jealous.

        • dd

          Or I’m a better reader/viewer. I don’t exactly know why I’d be jealous of anything on this site.

          • Come now, surely you’re at least a little jealous of my drawing talent! Not even a little?

          • dduh

            See? Like I said, you’re being a complete dick. You’re bitter, rude and non-productive, and I think you’d be happier somewhere else.

          • So, why do you come here? You are soooooo much better than us – why bother?

          • Bezmina

            A better, reader/ viewer? McWowsers, tellywatching is a competitive sport now?

            Right I am off to train for London 2012, I could stay in my flat and I have a weeks worth of great TV on my DVR as I have just been on holiday for a week.

  • minnie swirl

    Is the guy in the cartoon supposed to be Tom Cruise? It kind of looks like him.

  • thetrunkmonkey

    Jack’s flash sideways really resonated with me, it was one of my favorite episodes. That being said, this comic is funny.

  • Ed-Mars

    Why isn’t Jack crying?

    • Twitchy

      5 stars

    • because its the Flashsideways. In the FS Jack never cries, unless it’s tears of joy.

  • GeigerCounter

    Is that supposed to be Desmond? He’s the one that painted his apartment red.

  • DumbDebbie

    I disagree with trunkmonkey. Jack totally gets on my nerves with his wannabe hero ways.


    • dd

      Jack doesn’t want to be the hero. This has been well established since season one.

      • In Season One he said he didn’t want to the hero, but that changed. “I was the one that got us off this island. I rescued us.” Jack
        (quote off but using memory)

        • dd

          That doesn’t mean he didn’t want o be the hero.

  • Benmanben

    I actually prefer the flash-sideways.

    I find the island story to be too weird and also hopeless.

    The flash-sideways is much more like season 1.

    Also, I prefer the man of faith that Jack is in the flash-sideways.


  • I noticed the date on my signature was wrong, so I fixed it. I also took the opportunity to add another layer of insult to the TOON that I intended, but forgot originally.

  • eve

    Aha! So now we know how Jack got that red spot on his neck!

  • Seabiscuit

    Awesome. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    Dude, I read on DarkUFO that one of the actor’s stated that we are going to find out that the island IS very important to the outside world and that it NEEDS a protector. Here’s what I think….the island keeps the world intact somehow and without it, the world would somehow suffer. All of the flashsideways just seem to good to be true,too perfect and the characters are too happy. If there’s no island anymore in this timeline, then our characters are about to witness some suffering, which would probably put them all together in the same place.

    • I would like to see some sort of world-ending catastrophe destroy the flashsideways world. That would at least make them interesting and worth watching.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Have you seen A Serious Man? Very depressing ending. I don’t know about you, but it would just suck if The Darlton’s Lost ended with just another crash-landing on the Island, everything to be redone a different way. That may still happen, if course, if imfromthepast gets his way.

    But I like the fact that our Landies seem to be willing and able (sometimes with a little help from their friends) to attack their issues and resolve them. Yeah, without an Ol’ Smokey around to grab the attention of you quick-twitch generation typers, the sideways flashes(c) can be a bit slow – but that’s because any of its momentum is interrupted by the Island shannanagins (and vice-versa).

    • It’s not so much grabbing the attention. I would say I’m somewhat of the quick-twitch generation type, but I enjoy character stories. I loved every season of LOST, including the flashbacks. The feeling I get from the sideways flashes is not the same as the flashbacks. I just can’t care that much about this new set of characters because we’ve just been introduced to them after 5 seasons. After the 5th episode that has aired, there still is not much of a reason for wasting half of every show on Season 1 style pacing and plot development.

    • First of all, What Mesa said.

      2nd, how exactly does me getting my way = “Lost ended with just another crash-landing on the Island, everything to be redone a different way”?

      C) you really don’t need to copyright and trademark everything you say. That is as silly as air-quoting.

      Finally, I loved S1 flashbacks, I love character stories, I have faith in the writers and I could never do a better job than they if I tried. That being said, the flashsideways are still boring to me and I wish they would get to the point quickly.

      The problem is the tenuous connection they have to the Primary story. I can get behind the idea that perhaps something will happen at the end of the show that will lead into what we are being forced to watch. Like the Flashforwards, we knew the O6 eventually get off the Island and then the Flash forwards happened, but we didn’t know how they got off. It was like reading Chapter 1, then Chapter 2, and then reading Chapter 3 and 5 simultaneously without having read Chapter 4 yet.
      That’s fine, but with these Flashsideways, its more like reading two different books that are apparently unrelated.

      I just don’t like it.

      More than likely I will change my tune when the connection becomes clearer, but for now it’s like watching paint dry.

      • mcc300

        Have I missed something? How are the FS characters a “new” set of characters? With exception to Jack’s son, that’s it. We’re getting an altered variation of people we already know. Perhaps the pacing is a little slow, but that’s about it. If I recall correctly, posters were complaining about the time-flashing vehicle as well. That seems to have worked itself out ok. I have more of a problem with Claire’s new “Rousseau” persona. I would have preferred her to stay gone.

        One other thing, no one is forcing you to watch anything. Get a DVR and you can fast-forward through the FSs. Problem solved, no charge.

        • “No Charge”? What about the price of the DVR, or are you suggesting I steal it? How unethical of you. You really should rethink your life.

          • mcc300

            “No charge” relates to the consulting fee I would normally haave charged.

            Rethink my life? Was that meant as a dig or was it your paint-drying sense of humor? Just askin’.

          • Paint-drying sense of humor.

  • The Magician

    There’s nothing wrong with the flashes, but because we don’t know of their importance/connection to the main story, the whole thing seems a little frustrating, almost like a series of fairly pointless vignettes.

    I have to say, I find it a little corny how everything is *so* interconnected, ie; Rose working for Locke, Dogen having a son at Jack’s son’s school…

    I’m sure I remember Darlton saying they were only going to last for about a third of the season – does anyone know if this has changed?

    • let’s hope so, that would mean tomorrow is the last one, right?

      • Fingers crossed- it will be the last one.

    • Uncle Beaver

      I think the Flash-Sideways will last a little longer than that. According to, all episodes up to 612 are centered around our MAIN characters (with the exception of 609-Richard Alpert, I would think this to be a Flash BACK).

      So… I would guess, up ’till this point, these are all gonna be Flash-Sideways episodes. There is a Desmond-Centric episode in there, so that one MIGHT be less “traditional” than the rest.

      I think the Flash-Sideways are OK. Let’s see where the writers take it.

  • boonesghost

    My issue with the flash-sideways is that the more they invest in character development, the more disappointed the viewers will be when it all falls apart.

  • clueless1der

    HA! Awesome!

    I admit they’re kind of ‘oh gee who else will we see today’ but… (BUT!!!) I still completely loved seeing Charlie again… seeing Ben as the coffee Nazi!

    Even watching paint dry, they have us programmed to look for an Easter egg.

    • Are you referring to Eve’s comment above? That made me laugh. Now I wish I had put a dab of paint on Jack’s neck.

  • Mike

    This cartoon rocks. I desperately hope Darlton are planning to do something exciting with the flash-sideways, but for now they are indeed boring.

  • Ugh!!!

    End it now!

  • erikire

    Yes, it’s boring…

    …the use-only-for-give-NOFUCKINGANSWERS-flash-sideways, I mean.

  • Hannah Milson

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