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Follow Friendly Fellow LOST Bloggers @ Comic-Con

By JOpinionated,

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lost_xl-150x15011As most of you know, there will be many of us covering the Lost panel in San Diego on Saturday at Comic-Con. Though we may write and podcast for different sites, we are a community and share a common goal – to provide the most entertaining, informative and comprehensive coverage to Lost fans around the world.

In the interest of team spirit, we’d like to recommend the sites and Twitter feeds of our friendly fellow Lost bloggers and podcasters for you to follow during Comic-Con:

DocArzt & JOpinionated
Twitter: @DocArzt & @jopinionated

DarkUFO & TheODI
Twitter: @DarkUFO & @TheODI

Ryan & Jen, The Transmission
Twitter: @hawaii & @kilinahe

Jay & Jack
Twitter: @jayandjack, @crackpotjack, @lukevenk

Other television sites to follow for Comic-Con coverage include TVOvermind, UGO TV Blog & UGO Movie Blog.

Stay tuned for frequent updates!