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Food for Thought: The 70 hour Window

By nato64,

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In past seasons, the first few episodes laid the tracks for the rest of the season and was all set-up—usually awesome set-up— for the finale. Season 5 feels different and not in a bad way.

I think the writers want us to be uncomfortable. The Lost formula, for the first three seasons was flashbacks. Season 4 was flash-forwards. Now, it’s as if we’re heading full-impact to the finale of the show. There is no more information that we need to know-past or future-that pertains to what’s happening. We have all the backstories of the characters and understand how they got to where they are. The narrative structure of season 5 is that the O6+Desmond are 3 years into trying to live their lives off the island while juxtaposing what happened to the rest of the group three years prior as the time-travel and bleed out of their noses. Why the 3 year gap? Why not have shown what happened to Jack & Co. off-island along side the flashing islanders?

What if in the 70 hour window Mrs. Hawking/Ringlady/Daniel’s Mother is where Sawyer and everyone have flashed to and have only 70 hours until the next flash? If the people who left don’t make it back in that 70 hour window to stop the flashes, Sawayer and everyone might be lost forever, flashing around and possibly never flashing back to a time where the O6 can return? On the topic of those who left having to come back to stop the flashes, “That’s where we leave science behind.”

On another topic, if you think about it, now that flashbacks and flashforwards have seemingly gone the way of Jacob and disappeared, we have 2x more plot and events happening this season and next season. All bets are off in terms of what’s going to happen and I’m just holding on for dear life. It seems that the theme of Season 5 so far is that we’re all screwed.


P.S. While flashbacks and flashforwards are not part of the show anymore, I love how the writers are still utilizing the word “flash,” only this time the characters are saying it too, not just the fans.

  • Kristina

    I agree with you- ever since ep. 1 I have been feeling a sense of dread from the story lines. Granted, the O-6 storyline has not been as entertaining or moving for me as what is happening on the island; however, I too feel like the writers/producers are deliberately making the mood “if we dont get back to the island we’re screwed!”

  • cpjon446

    Agreed, the audience is being made to feel uncomfortable…however, the producers have indicated that this story format will not last and a return to the traditional flashback/flashforward storytelling is imminent. So don’t get too attached to this confusing, rapid pace

  • iamme

    I was under the impression that once Locke left and set the wheel back on it’s axis the flashes would stop. I don’t really believe that the flashes are the danger to the island and its inhabitants, but something that happens as a result of the O6 having escaped the island in the first place. It was never meant to happen, and they have to go back and ensure that the correct future occurs.

  • hyperRevue

    This whole “wheel” thing strikes me as so silly. The Island appears to be flashing through time because the wooden wheel in the belly of the island was off its axis and just bouncing about? Kind of ridiculous.

    • iamme

      I know, but to a regular viewer, like me, that is what was implied last night. Ben broke the donkey wheel. Locke fixed it. Now they are stuck in whatever time they were in when he did. Of course I could be wrong but that is what I took away from it.

      • hyperRevue

        No, I totally agree. That’s exactly the impression I got. That Ben somehow knocked the wheel of its axis and its bouncing around was causing the flashes.

        • iamme

          yeah, pretty lame, and other than the O6 story dragging along, the rest of this season has been pretty amazing, so I can definitely forgive them this.

      • Yonko

        And I bet that time would be the explanation of why we saw our Losties in Dharma jumpsuits in some set photos…

        • rivum

          hey!! keep the spoilers outta here!!

    • spinflip

      No, I think the wheel bouncing around and the island flashing around are both results of something else fluctuating behind the wall. Otherwise, why would anyone have to go back when tightening the wheel should suffice?

      • hyperRevue

        They need a Frozen Donkey Crescent Wrench.

      • iamme

        Locke had to go back because he had to get the O6 to return. If he had done what Jacob had said in the first place, which was move it himself, he would have been the only one who left the island, and Jack & Co. would still be on the island, and I’m assuming that he would have done it correctly and there would be no flashes. The island would have been moved and safe from Widmore once again as well.

        • Zonker

          Hmmm. Why would you say that? If Locke had turned the wheel instead of Ben, would not Jack have still been on the helicopter and then picked up by Penny’s boat?

          It seems like the critical mistake (if we are to believe the bad things are truly “Because You Left”) was Richard Alpert making the deal with Sayid and Kate that in return for their help with Keamy, the 815ers would be able to leave the island via the helicopter. A deal that Ben subsequently honored: “Have a nice flight.”

          • iamme

            I guess you can say that, but you can also say that events would have played out differently if Locke was aware that he was the one who had to turn the wheel himself.

            He was going along with what Ben said about Jacob meaning that he had to turn it not Locke. And who really knows what Ben was up to. In light of last night I believe that Ben wanted to turn the wheel for a reason. He could have known that since Jack left he had a way to get back and the exile would not be permanent for him.

            Of course I’m just guessing. But the island was skipping around so much, and our friends are starting to bleed out. I don’t think they could take much more of it, which is why I think the flashes are going to stop with Locke’s departure, but they are going to be stuck in the 80’s or something.

          • CelticFan96

            If Locke had turned the wheel instead of Ben, Jack and Co. probably would have made it back to the island. They were heading there (and within sight of it) when it disappeared.

            Had Locke gone down there, it would have taken him more time to get acclimated (maybe talk with Christian about what he is to do?). It would only need to take him another two minutes to give Frank time to land the chopper.

    • RandomZombie

      It’s not so ridiculous if you think of the wheel as a switch. The bouncing and rotating wheel could randomly activate the mechanism behind the wall, causing the time jumps. Of course, if this were true the jumps would stop after Locke turns the wheel.

  • hyperRevue

    One thing that did bother me about this episode was how after Ben only brought 2 of the O6 back, Hawking was like, “well, I guess that’ll have to do.” But the first time we saw her, after Ben said, “What if I can’t get them all back?” Hawking was all “Then god help us all.”

    So, which is it?

    Also, how Charlotte suddenly remembered Daniel talking to her in the past reminded me a lot of how Desmond suddenly remember talking with Daniel. I don’t think it means anything (since Daniel was there when Charlotte remembered the encounter, and not flashing through time – as far as we know).

    • CelticFan96

      That’s cool.

      I was thinking they were on the at least the 2nd loop (if that is what it should be called?):

      Daniel had told Charlotte not to come to the island their first time through time and Jin stopping Rousseau from following her fellow Frenchmen into the hole. So that would mean that Rousseau got to meet Sayid because Jin kept her from getting sick; and Charlotte remembers the scary Daniel because he will soon see her and give her that memory.

      But I like the idea of Charlotte just getting that memory flash of Daniel like Desmond did..

      But what about Rousseau? It sure seemed like Jin is what prevented Rousseau from getting the “sickness.”

      • RandomZombie

        I don’t believe that it’s a second loop. Jin ALWAYS prevented Danielle from going into the ruins. There was never an occasion when she went in because it only happened once.
        Also, Desmond suddenly remembered his conversation with Daniel because Daniel changed the past, which was possible because, for some reason, the rules of time travel do not apply to Desmond. It seemed that Charlotte suddenly remembered Daniel because she was flashing between the present (so to speak) and her childhood, and probably re-experienced him telling her not to come back to the island.

        • CelticFan96

          OK, Cool. That makes sense.

        • sebastian81

          Zombie, I don’t agree with you in this. For Jin to get to the island and travel back in time, there had to be an original timeline in which Danielle didn’t receive visits from people who hadn’t crashed in the island yet.

          If what you propose is true, then time is not linear which wouldn’t make any sense.

          • Jennifer

            If Jin didn’t always prevent Danielle from going into the ruins, who did? Or do you propose that she DID go into the ruins and just happened to be immune to the “sickness” that afflicted the rest of her team?

    • ErasedSlate

      Mrs. Hawking also said, “…for now” as if it’ll do, but there is more work to do.

      • hyperRevue

        True. There just seemed to be a lot more urgency last time.

        • theDAWG

          iirc, the witch is only going to find the island’s location right now.

          that might only require a few of the O6, esp. since they brought the “rulebreaker” Des with them.

          all 6 (plus possibly Jin’s daughter) are still gonna have to go back after they locate it…

  • Dorkusbob

    Here’s something though:

    Ben went to push the wheel, had to wear a coat… Frozen Donkey Wheel area

    Locke goes down the hole, no coat, no frost breath… Broken Donkey Wheel area

    Ben pushes CLOCK-WISE
    Locke pushes COUNTER – CLOCK – WISE

    Never mind that Ben pushes in 2005, and Locke most likely in the PAST, so in order for Ben to have a frozen wheel, Locke must push it first. So the next question is, who pushed it again? That leaves us with Dharma Polar bears. So which way did they push it?

    • FutureLies

      Locke pulled it clock-wise.

      • Dolce

        Yes, clockwise. Watch again.

  • Dorkusbob

    Have not had time to check, but I’ll take your word for it. But the rest makes sense, right?

  • MissMichelle

    I think that the 70 hour window (roughly three days) has something to do with the resurrection of Jesus (which took three days). Perhaps if Locke’s body is not returned to the island within a 70 hour framework, he cannot be resurrected??? Does anyone know how many days have passed since Locke died until now?
    Anyways, certainly a theme the writers are playing with…last episode Locke entered an underworld of sorts through the well, and is guided on his journey by Christian….I’m also gonna bet that sometime in the next few episodes, we will see a stone being rolled back from a cave/cavern/tomblike structure. Although….the turning of the frozen donkey wheel already provides a similar imagery….just random thoughts.

    • BlueSky

      Hmm, so when is Easter this year? And is that when Locke will resurrect on the island?