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From the Forums: A Lost Theory

By professorstotch,

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Image from LostpediaTwo weeks ago, the Lost gods finally gave Richard Alpert his very own episode. The episode, hailed as some fans of the show as one of the best ever, not only gave us insight on how Richard arrived at the island, but also on his role since he first showed up. A number of questions were answered in the episode, including how Richard became immortal, how the statue crumbled, and how the Black Rock came to the island. In addition to all of the heavy hitting reveals this episode provided, we also got a juicy nugget that was sure to fire up a ton of new theories. According to Jacob, the island is similar to the cork on a bottle of wine. Just as the cork keeps the wine in, the island some how keeps evil trapped.


Since this reveal spilled out of Jacob’s mouths, Lost forums have been buzzing with what it all could mean. Some have taken a literal translation on this, and theorized that the island is literally Hell, and the Man in Black is the devil. I’ve seen other theories that are almost too wild to comprehend, and some that make a lot of sense. Over on our forums, user ClairesWig has posted one of those theories that makes a lot of sense.

I’m not going to try and butcher the words, so I’ll let our forum user explain it:

With all the “hell”/”island prison” theories going around, I rewatched the “cork in the bottle” scene, trying to identify what is what. Given that Jacob is using an allegorical metaphor and he specifically says: “the island is the cork,” then a few possibilities are ruled out:

1) Jacob himself is not the cork.
2) MIB is not the cork.
3) The bottle is not the cork.

I think that #3 is particularly important. Many people seem to be operating on the assumption that the island is a “prison” (for MIB, or ‘evil’). The bottle itself is the prison, the cork simply blocks the exit.

Given that Jacob said that the wine represents “hell, evil, malevolence”, the wine may or may not represent MIB himself. (It could, but it could also just refer to the evil deeds he inspires, etc.) People have questioned whether MIB can appear off-island (as Christian, etc.) if he is trapped on the island. People also ask why there is so much evil that happened to the Losties (and all of us) in the real world, if MIB is contained on the island.

I believe that MIB is not trapped on the island, but trapped on Earth. I believe our world is the bottle, throughout which MIB and Jacob can both freely travel. MIB does not so much want to leave the island; he wants to leave our earthly plane of existence.

Biblically, when Satan is cast out of heaven, he is sent down to earth. Maybe, in Jacob’s allegory, this world (the bottle) is where evil (the wine) belongs. Maybe “heaven” is where MIB wants to return to, and the only way to do it is by destroying the world itself (ie. smashing the bottle).

And there’s the tie-in to Valenzetti equation …

And there you have it. I don’t want to say this and later regret it, but I will anyways…this is probably the best theory I’ve heard when it comes to figuring out what Lost is all about. For me, this theory seems so simple, yet I would’ve never thought of it on my own. What are your thoughts?

If you have a theory of your own, don’t hesitate to head over to the forums and tell us all about it. Maybe you could end up on the front page!