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Fun & Games Coming to, But Only if You Are Registered

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Are you registered on the blog?  If not, you can’t play.  Play what? You ask? At least part of it is super special top secret, and way beyond cool.  We’ll be pulling the tarp off our latest Frankenstein in a couple of weeks.  Let’s say it is something that will keep you in the adventure of LOST all through the hiatus.

On the low hanging end of things, have you checked out the ongoing DocArzt and Friends LOST Trivia beta tests?  The interface is nearly 100% complete and once that is done, by the genius prompting of our own ProfessorStotch, the DocArzt & Friends LOST Trivia Leagues will be in full swing.  You’ll be able to create leagues, invite players, and trivia your heart out to prove that you and your league are the smartest LOST fans on the planet.   When will it all start?  Sooner than you think!  All the more reason to register your account now.

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  • Yonko

    It seems Matthew Perry had his dream come true:

    According to imdb, he’s been cast for the season finale, The Incident 1 & 2, as George Hobbes…

    Lucky guy! Congrats…

    • Dolce

      No freakin’ way! I will reserve believing until I see. And I wil definitly be one of the people that says “hey, what’s Chandler bing doing on Lost?”.

      • Yonko

        I was shocked as well… But for as long as Smokie doesn’t end up being Phoebe (the noise it makes is shockingly similar to her singing Smelly Cat), I’m okay with him in the show…

    • RandomZombie

      That’s awesome.
      He’s a good actor and a fellow Lost fan.
      I like Friends, but I don’t feel that he’s stuck as Chandler for the rest of his career – not to me, at any rate.

  • monkeyface

    Could this be true??? A lot of IMDB casting info has later been discredited. If not, then totally cool!

  • All that has been already posted here is definitely noteworthy.