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Get Cool Autographed Lost Swag, Support the Writers

By docarzt,

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lost_tradingcards-1.jpg My friend, and co-author of top secret book projects, Hijinx has placed a complete set of Lost trading cards autographed by JJ, Damon, and Carlton up for auction at fans4writers.  The proceeds will help feed starving writers everywhere.   There is also some nifty Lost swag from a few other people.  I was going to put my son’s autographed Sawyer figure up, but he beat me up.  Six year olds are so tough these days.

  • Must I always correct you? *sigh*

    1. JJ, Damon and Carlton are NOT signing the card set. They are going to do personalized autographs on whatever is laying around the office. I believe Darlton’s will be on a LOST mag. JJ tends to favor his personal stationery 😛

    2. NOT EXACTLY benefitting “starving writers” – actually all the monies are going to the Writers Guild Industry Support Fund, which helps the NON-writers affected by the Strike.

    3. My 10-year-old can beat up your 6-year-old, so I wouldn’t mess with him either 😉

    Thanks for spreading the word though…

  • Docarzt

    Of course, none of this matters because I’m going to win!