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Grant Gould + DocArzt + Hijinx = ?

By docarzt,

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Artist Grant Gould recently posted an announcement on his myspace that may be of interest to ‘some’ of you:

4) “Lost Ate My Life” book cover
I’m proud to announce that I
was hired to illustrate and design the cover of the upcoming book “Lost
Ate My Life!” It’s about Lost fandom, talking about the show’s impact
on today’s popular culture, featuring interviews, etc. It’s being
written by “DocArzt” and “Hijinx” from the hugely popular Lost Creative
Team’s website: The Fuselage. And it’ll be published this fall by ECW
Press (the same folks who published the “Finding Lost” guides I’m sure
many of you have seen in Barnes & Noble, etc.). So, yeah, I’m VERY
excited about this project, and very happy to be part of it!

Hmmm, whatever could Grant be talking about?  Stay tuned…