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Great News! Three Hour Lost Finale Confirmed!

By Koobie,

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According to Kristin on E! Online, Steve McPherson has signed off on the extra hour for Lost.  This means we get a three hour season finale!  The first hour will be aired on May 15th, then a mini hiatus, and finally the second and third hours of the finale on May 29th. 

“Word is there are so many big reveals the producers wanted to deliver
this season that they felt anything less than a full three-hour finale
would have cheated the fans. In fact, I’m hearing that the writers’
draft for the second half of the finale was 80 pages long, which led
all parties involved to realize these stories had to be told now. Anything else would have felt like a rip-off for the fans”

While the thought of another hiatus while we are in one is unfortunate, I can’t wait for this amazing three hour chunk of Lost goodness!

  • matt

    that doesn’t sound like a 3 hour finale, it just sounds like a 2 hour on after a week break. wil the shows be labeled pt.1, 2, and 3?

  • Jalocke

    Yeah I assume this means that it will all be a part of some large story. For instance each episode is one contained story, well this one story is gonna take 3 hours to tell which means…. its longer than a movie! YAY!

  • Samfishercell

    I’m more than eager to see what on earth was so important that Damon and Carlton had to request an extra hour be tacked on to this season. Exciting times ahead!

  • Mick

    The writers wouldn’t need the extra hour if they had used their time correctly. Fans have less interest in sun/jin centric episodes as they do A Jack/Locke/Desmond or any of the other more important characters. A good idea would have been to consolidate flashbacks for example an episode would contain more than one flashbacks of a character of lesser importance. The Sun episode was decent but it didn’t advance the story line considerably. There are other problems with the episode that have been addressed. In retrospect they writers seemed to waste so much time in the previous seasons with pointless stand alone episodes or episodes that did little to move the story line forward. Season three could easily have been a combination of the best episodes of season three and season two or to state it more clearly those episodes that had an impact on the story line. I think this is one of the reasons viewer ship has declined.

  • so does season 4 count as 13 or 14 episodes?

  • Koobie

    It still counts as thirteen episodes

  • Adam

    Mick, remember that the writers really didn’t have a definitive time line for the show until post-Season 3. So they had to “stretch” out their story to fit the pre-determined 22 episode order from ABC, so a few stand-alones were kind of necessary, I bet. Considering, I think they did a good job. 🙂 Now that they’ve agreed to a finite number of episodes, they can think out what each one means and that means a stand-alone pointless story is less likely. I agree, though, that the Jin/Sun episodes are among my least favorites.

  • milo

    “that doesn’t sound like a 3 hour finale, it just sounds like a 2 hour on after a week break.” I totally agree. It’s great that episode 13 will be two hours, but I have no clue how she got the notion of a three hour finale from that.

    Ausiello is confirming:

  • milo

    Mick, I totally disagree on the flashback thing, the Sun/Jin ones are often my favorites while I’d be happy if they never did another Kate or Jack flash ever again.
    And the writers DID plan out this season and the two upcoming, but that got trashed because of the strike. They had to go from 17 hours to 13 in an extremely short amount of time, it makes perfect sense that an extra hour would make it easier to cover all the important stuff originally planned for 17 hours.

  • milo

    The extra hour of LOST is official now, although ABC is referring to it as a two hour finale (on the 29th), not three hours like the gossip sites reported (I didn’t think that made sense).

  • wes johnson

    Two-hour, two-week finale becomes three-hour, three-week event with break in middle? WHAT??????

    Lost is great but come on dont make it something it aint.
    an extra hour is great news but……
    The finale is the finale ep.
    you dont have finale over 2 weeks or 3 weeks
    if the last show is 2 hours then it is a 2 hour finale. end of story

    and get some different letters to enter on the post im sure a bot cant get it right, hell this is my 3rd time typing these stupid letters and i aint got it right yet!!
    well if you see this, the 3rd time is the charm

  • wes johnson

    please note im bashing ABC about the “3 hour” finale, not you

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